Interpretation of common terminology used in integrated lighting

1. Green lighting Green lighting is lighting that saves energy, protects the environment, and improves people's production, work, learning efficiency and quality of life, and protects their physical and mental health.

2. Visual work In the work and activities, the observation process of the details and targets presented in front of the background.

3. Luminous flux A measure of light derived from the effect of radiation on a standard photometric observer. For Ming Vision there are:

Wherein the spectral distribution of dΦe(λ)/dλ-radiation flux;
ν(λ) - spectral light (visual) efficiency;
Km - the maximum value of the spectral (visual) performance of radiation, in lumens per watt (lm/W). In monochromatic radiation, the Km value under bright visual conditions is 683 lm/W (when λm = 555 nm). The sign of the quantity is Φ, the unit is lumens (lm), 1lm=1cd/1sr

4. Luminous intensity The illuminating intensity of the illuminant in a given direction is the quotient obtained by dividing the luminous flux dΦ transmitted by the illuminant in the solid angle element dΩ in the direction by the solid angle element, that is, the total energy of the unit solid angle. for:

The sign of this quantity is l, the unit is candela (cd), lcd=1lm/sr

5. The amount of brightness defined by the formula dΦ / (dA · cos θ · dΩ), that is, the luminous intensity per unit projected area, the formula is:

Where dΦ--the luminous flux propagating within a solid angle dΩ of a given direction transmitted by a beam element at a given point;
dA--including the beam cross-sectional area at a given point;
Θ—the angle between the normal of the beam section and the beam direction.
The sign of this quantity is L, the unit is candela per square meter (cd/m2)

6. The illuminance at a point on the surface of the illuminance is the quotient obtained by dividing the luminous flux dΦ of the person on the bin containing the point by the area of ​​the bin dA, ie:

The sign of this quantity is E, the unit is lux (lx), 1lx=1lx/m2.

7. Maintain the average illumination. The average illumination on the surface must not be lower than this value. It is the average illuminance on a defined surface at the moment the luminaire must be maintained.

8. Refer to the plane measurement or the plane that specifies the illumination.

9. The plane in which the work surface is working on its surface.