Into the earth as the earth gas whale TV voice service evaluation

Speaking of the voice function of TV, you may first think of the Apple TV, which is a four-seater with a low-key appearance at the new Apple conference in September. Siri's powerful voice recognition and retrieval capabilities are breathtaking. Voice technology has been buzzing over a dozen years ago, but it was limited to basic function quizzes. Today, human-computer interaction has become more and more mature, and voice technology has gradually become stronger with the development of artificial intelligence.

TV interaction is far from as rich and precise as mobile phones and personal computers. Most human-computer interactions on smart TVs will be handed over to voice technology in the future. Giants such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have made great moves from time to time in their respective voice technologies. However, the adaptation of localization has always been criticized. Domestic companies such as Baidu, HKUST, and China Telecom also have powerful voice technologies. More importantly, they are more able to “know” domestic users.

Microwhale and the opening cooperation of HKUST

The recently-impressive television rookie brand Micro-Whale TV has opened up cooperation with the so-called "China Siri" of HKUST, using its respective advantages to create a powerful, responsive, and grounded gas on the micro-whale TV. Smart voice service platform. Below, the author will show the users of the micro whale TV's "More Understand Your Voice" service through simple evaluations.

Simple and elegant Bluetooth voice remote control

Micro Whale TV Bluetooth Voice Remote Control

Microwhale TV integrates independent buttons for voice input on the TV remote control. Just press and hold the voice button to speak to the remote control. In order to ensure the accurate collection and input of voice, a pair of MIC holes is also opened on the top of the remote control.

Bluetooth remote control pairing interface

Bluetooth can seamlessly connect voice remote control and TV. The remote control is only used as a voice collection and transmission tool. Powerful voice processing is directly integrated into the TV and the cloud platform.

Into the earth as usual gas

Although the new Apple TV integrates a powerful Siri, due to policy reasons, many services cannot be used at home, and the actual use is not significant. What about the voice service built by Microwhale TV for domestic users? According to the author's test, the micro-whale TV can not only perform voice search, but you can also talk to it, such as asking the weather conditions in various regions, real-time stock market conditions, etc. It can accurately answer.

Voice check weather

Microwhale TV's understanding of semantics is also very accurate. You don't have to talk dryly to a TV. You can communicate with TV just like everyday conversations with tone and context. It can accurately identify what you mean. It even recognizes simple English.

Recognition is simple English

Responsive and accurate

On demand movie

As the world's top provider of intelligent voice technology, HKUST can provide extremely fast response for the collection of small whale televisions from the collection, upload, and cloud server identification. As long as your home network is in good condition, it takes only a short 0.5 seconds from your speaking to the TV to implement functional operations.

Fast forward operation demonstration

I use the TV to play online movies at the same time, voice input fast forward, rewind, pause, volume increase and decrease, and jump playback commands, small whale TV can make a very accurate and accurate feedback.

Both comprehensive and fine

Micro Whale TV's voice service integrates most of the TV's operational functions. Not only can one of the TV's sections be turned on, but a specific game or application can also be opened. With the rich and comprehensive video content and high-quality applications provided by Micro Whale TV, it has brought convenience and pleasure for voice control to consumers.

In order to better restore the voice function of the micro-whale TV, I recorded a short video for your reference.

Conclusion: With the increasing functionality of smart TVs, we urgently need a simpler way of interaction, and voice services take on this responsibility. As a rookie, Microwhale TV has injected new blood for Internet TV to pursue user experience and product design. Through the trial evaluation of the micro-whale TV voice function, it is not difficult to find that the localization, quick response, and targeted voice service are the highlights of its voice function. It really frees the voice function from the “smart TV tasteless function”. The nickname.


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