IPC's position in the tire manufacturing industry is increasingly prominent

IPC's position in the tire manufacturing industry is increasingly prominent

The tire manufacturing industry has developed rapidly in China's economic development, especially in the context of the rapid development of the automotive industry. The industry's total assets and sales revenue have shown a rapid growth trend. From the perspective of the development market, according to forecasts from related parties, China's tire demand will reach 160 million to 170 million in 2005, and tire production will reach more than 250 million in 2010. With the continuous expansion of the tire market and the increase in consumer demand for tire quality, high-standard and efficient production systems have become very important for tire manufacturers. Therefore, high-quality industrial control equipment is more and more widely used in the tire manufacturing industry. Even for manufacturers, whether high-quality industrial control equipment has been adopted has become a matter of life and death.

Tire production includes: complex mixing, extrusion, calendering, bead forming, cord cutting, vulcanization and other complex processes. Each process includes a very complex process.

CAM Lock

Cam lock, as the name implies, is Mechanical key lock. Our mechanical lock series products are divided into 12mm, 16mm and 19mm according to size also could be divided into Cabinet CAM Lock with keys and Drawer CAM Locks without keys

This cam lock cover a wide range of applications and can be used in large entertainment equipment, like ,vending machines, mechanical equipment, lockers, etc.

CAM Lock

We have introduces high-precision CNC numerical control milling machine and multiple automatic processing equipment at home and abroad to improve cam lock` s precision,insuring all the cam lock cant be replaceable or copy. The specification is as follows:

Zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder

Barrel chrome plated standard

Tumbler mechanism is pin or disc

It could be zinc alloy tubular Key Switches or flat key switch or without keys enter

Key may be withdraws in one or both positions

Hex nut or speed clip mounted

Have Multiple combination function.

CAM Lock

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