It is difficult to achieve the established requirements by using mechanical speed regulation

According to the actual operation of the unit, the instrument maintenance personnel can set and configure the critical speed range of the unit; rise and fall rates; no-load speed; minimum control working speed; maximum control working speed; overspeed shutdown settings and other parameters . Speed ​​control is combined with compressor anti-surge control. In actual production, the loss caused by the surge of the unit is huge. On the one hand, it seriously affects the normal operation of production, on the other hand, it has a great harm to the equipment itself. If the rotational speed, the inlet pressure of the super-high-pressure steam, and the extraction pressure can be adjusted separately to maintain stability, in the past, because people used to prevent the occurrence of surge in the unit and the regulation method when surge occurred, it was often returned by adjusting the compressor outlet flow valve.

When surge occurs, adjustments can only be made gradually and slowly based on experience. The adjustment time is often a few hours or even a dozen hours, which seriously affects the normal operation of production and causes great economic losses to the enterprise. Nowadays, people have introduced anti-surge control technology into the electronic governor. By reasonably adjusting the speed and controlling the anti-surge valve, the operating curve of the unit is monitored in real time to avoid the occurrence of surge to the greatest extent. Even when surge occurs, the unit will be adjusted to a stable working state in a relatively short time through automatic and rapid adjustment. The control process for controlling large steam turbine units is very complicated. It not only requires the control of the speed, inlet pressure, outlet pressure and anti-surge control of the unit, but also needs to control the steam intake through the opening of the governor valve to provide steam with different pressure levels to downstream users. In the past, it was difficult to achieve the above-mentioned requirements by using mechanical speed regulation.

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