JBL CINEMA 510 CN 5.1 Channel PC TV Wall Home Theater Kit & Harman/Kardon Harman Karton AVR 151 Advanced

I. Why AVR 151 was chosen

There are four-year-old children in the family. On the one hand, as parents, we cannot go to the cinema to watch movies but can only wait for the children to fall asleep after watching the video and relax. On the other hand, the baby always hopes to have K songs and the host. This drove me to buy a set of stereo + microphone (TV and Andrews box used old), audio considering the home had previously embedded cable, so consider 5.1. After Jingdong saw the information of 1499 yuan promotion, it decided to buy the money.

Then follow the inside of the Jingdong customer service to answer some of the customer service, choose according to customer service, said with the amplifier with more

However, JD.com did not offer any special promotions. Therefore, it took orders from a certain treasure. In the purchase of the treasure, together

Second, a simple network topology

This diagram should be understandable, and should be easier to assemble than the AVR151 Quick Start Guide that comes with it. What I would like to add is: My Android box is used as a video resource to input audio and video signals to the AVR151 via an HDMI cable; at the same time, the Android box also has another set of Lotus terminals to output audio and video signals, so when singing is needed, the box switches to The channel output, yellow video terminal directly connected to the AVR151 (can also be directly connected to the TV), red and white audio input to the reverberator.

The following is the home placement map:

Why should such a figure be placed? Actually want to explain two places, you may not see the value of friends, one is in the bottom left corner of the picture exposed half of the woofer, and the other is not blocked in the TV cabinet that row is the main control panel (

The patch panel has a certain "energy saving and emission reduction" effect, or it has a certain effect on lazy people.

Third, need to specify the points

1. I am not an enthusiast in this area. I am not a hobbyist. I am completely amateurish. So if you ask what the effect is like, I can only say that it's better than what I used to be.

2. Please also don't ask the price, different e-commerce channels, different purchase periods (with or without benefits), I think the price seems to fluctuate. Take Taobao to buy the AVR151, then during the National Day I also saw a price cut. But my experience is always concerned about Aunt Zhang;

3. Regarding whether it is genuine or not, what I want to tell you is that Harman Kardon has a bar code and can call to verify the authenticity. What's more interesting is that purchased from Jingdong

When I called for the first time, I couldn't verify the authenticity of the phone on the basis of my barcode. After letting me provide contact information, I told me after further confirmation. A few days later, Shanghai telephone told me that it was genuine;

4. Since there is an assembly guide for each product, it is not stated in the quick start category; plus other products are relatively simple and therefore not stated. But if you are interested, you can leave a message, and I try my best to answer it. Let's focus on the following.

Fourth, AVR151 advanced

First of all, the user manual is not included, so it needs official website

The second thing to say is that the official website seems to be discriminating against Chinese, or that English is a master of Chinese language, so there is no Chinese version of the user manual on the official website; then it is necessary to explain that since I am not an English major, I am not professional in audiovisual. , so some of the places I can't be sure of, I will attach the original English words for correction.

USB interface

After testing, I do not support my 500G mobile hard disk, can support 8G U disk. In addition, the file format supports MP3 and WMA audio files and does not support video files.

Composite video monitor output (monitor out)

If the old DVD player does not have an HDMI interface, you connect the DVD's video output through this interface. Even if you connect the TV via HDMI OUT, the TV still has no picture display, and your TV has to use the composite video input terminal and The AVR monitor out is connected.

Audio placement

The front left, front right, and center speakers should be at the same height, which is ideally the same level as the listening ear. As you may have seen, my midfielder was actually a bit taller than the front left and right front speakers because of television. How can I solve it? If you want to project it in the future?

The rear speaker needs to be 0.6m to 1.8m higher than the human ear. The following figure shows the remaining plane angles:

The most fun coming - programmable remote control

How to program, if there are no detailed steps, it will be in the fog, so I list the steps as follows:

1) Power up the device you need to remote control;

2) (Web search) find the device code and write it down;

3) Press and hold the source selection button (for example, if you want to remotely control the TV, press the TV button) until the color changes to red, dark, and then red, and then release. At this time, the remote control board is in the programming mode;

4) (Complete within 20 seconds, otherwise repeat steps 3) and 4)) Align the remote control board with the remote controlled device and enter the code found in step 2) :

(1) If the remote-controlled device is turned off, press the source selection button again to save it. The button will flash.

(2) If the remotely controlled device is not turned off, you need to enter another code.

(3) If all the code input you find is invalid, you can press the direction key to know the position of the remote control device, and then press the source selection key to save.

I don't know if Harman Kardon bullies the Chinese or Chinese products. The Konka TV I use has not been programmed well with this method. I hope that Da Nang will be able to give advice.


Since my home is a wired dialer and is connected to an AVR through a network cable and another network cable to an AP, the phone obtains the address of another network segment through WIFI, and is not in the same network segment as the AVR, that is, it does not belong to the same LAN, so DLNA No test was successful.

Well, well, the first Virgo is edited by a computer at home. It's quite late now; it is another computer to go to the company tomorrow, and I don't know if the saved draft can be edited on another computer. But for fear of making mistakes, all efforts have been abandoned. Therefore, on the computer currently being edited, "submit a review" first. I hope that Xiao Bian can't make it difficult to take the first step!

Washing and sleeping went to ~~

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