Jilin set up automotive electronics industry technology innovation alliance

Recently, the Jilin Province Automotive Electronics Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, jointly established by the Changchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the FAW Technology Center and the Jilin Automobile Electronics Association, and the 27 institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the FAW-owned enterprises, was established in Changchun.

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According to reports, the alliance is oriented to the technical needs of FAW and Jilin Province's core automotive electronics companies, with the innovation cluster construction of the Northeastern Region of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a link, and further improving FAW and the province's automotive electronics by cultivating the automotive electronics industry chain and industrial clusters in Jilin Province. The core competitiveness of the industry will focus on the guiding role of FAW's complete vehicle supporting demand represented by FAW Technology Center and the R&D support role of the Chinese Academy of Sciences represented by the Changchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, so as to drive the development of relevant automotive electronics companies and industries. It plays a role in technological innovation in the automotive electronics industry in Jilin Province and in promoting the development of the automotive industry.

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