Jingdong 618 Hisense TV Carnival explosions TV special promotions

Hisense TV Jingdong 618 ultra low price! A lot of explosive TV crazy discount, 55 inch 4K curved TV 4999 yuan minus 200 yuan! Hot baby football personally delivered home for you, as well as mysterious gifts! Order tickets, knockout & VIP tickets crazy! Hisense TV Jingdong 618 unprecedented non-missing, not to be missed!

Hisense TV Jingdong 618 activity:
Activity model:
50 inches below the active model:
Hisense LED40EC520UA - 1999 yuan
Hisense LED43EC291N - 1799 yuan
Hisense LED43EC660US - 2799 yuan by 100 yuan and then send 299 yuan IQIYI video card before the 100 reviews back 100 yuan calls coupons
Hisense LED48EC520UA - 2499 yuan

50-inch to 60-inch active model:
Hisense LED50EC520UA - 2799 yuan
Hisense LED50EC660US - 3699 reduction of 200 yuan and then sent 299 yuan iQIYI video year card 100 reviews back 100 yuan calls coupons
Hisense LED55EC520UA - 3,099 yuan
Hisense LED55EC660US - 4599 reduced by 200 yuan and then sent 299 yuan iQIYI video card before the 100 reviews back 100 yuan calls coupons
Hisense LED55EC760UC - 4999 yuan minus 200 yuan
Hisense LED58EC620UA - $200 for $4199

60 inches and above active models:
Hisense LED60EC550A - 3999 yuan
Hisense LED60EC660US - 5599 300 yuan reduction and then send 299 yuan iQiyi video card
Hisense LED65EC320A - 4899 yuan
Hisense TV Jingdong 618" Event Address

Is Hisense TV good? Is it worth buying? On this Hisense TV Jingdong 618 big promotion, the purchase of Hisense TV is really value! Choose a suitable one for yourself! Do not buy regret!
Hisense LED55EC760UC uses a 55-inch curved screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 and a resolution of 8294400 pixels. Compared with the 2K screen, the overall color, fineness, saturation, and contrast have a very good improvement. Hisense LED55EC760UC is equipped with a 4-core Cortex A53 CPU, clocked at 1.2GHz, a 6-core Mali 450 GPU and a 4-core NEON coprocessor, with a combination of 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM, making it easy to run large-scale games and watching 4K videos smoothly without stalling. , To bring a comfortable and pleasant user experience.

Hisense LED58EC620UA uses 4K color enhancement technology to achieve 4x Ultra HD image quality 4 times full HD. Clearly expresses the details of the picture and sharply restores the vivid and natural colors. Hisense LED58EC620UA is equipped with a 64-bit 4-core Cortex A53 CPU+Mali 450 six-core GPU+ and a 14-core configuration TV processing solution with NEON quad-core coprocessor. Compared with the 32-bit movement, it has a greater addressability and multitasking. Smooth, easy to run large-scale online games, 4K videos, etc.

More popular models Come visit Hisense TV Jingdong 618 special event to buy it! 》"Direct link
Hisense TV Jingdong 618 activities:
618 Warm-up period: May 23 00:00 - May 31st 24:00
618 quality carnival time: June 1st 00:00 - June 20th 24:00

Hisense TV Jingdong 618 activity form:
White bars have coupons;
The whole point of buying on the 24th - 25th, sending tickets and so on.
Hisense TV Jingdong 618 is also free to grab tickets, interest-free instalments, price protection, reversible exchange, after-sales service and other activities, really "buy" discount! Discount purchase! Missed one year!

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