Jingke join hands with CIDC2014 to discuss the development of LED backlights

2014 is an important year for the development of large-size LED backlights. LED backlights rely on mercury-free green environmental protection, regional dynamic control backlights, low-carbon energy-saving, ultra-thin streamline appearance, and vivid display with high color reproduction. The earth has pushed the pace of LEDs to replace CCFL. Each backlight manufacturer and LED manufacturers reached a cooperation relationship, and jointly proposed a solution to combine with the latest technology of large-size light guide plates.

Indeed, in the past few years, LED backlight devices have been monopolized by Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor, Yiguang and other Korean and Japanese manufacturers. With the continuous improvement of the technology of domestic packaging manufacturers, more and more enterprises have participated in it and began to grab market share.

At present, Jingke Electronics is mainly engaged in large-size backlight, and its products have successfully entered the supply chain of mainstream TV manufacturers such as TCL, Skyworth, Hisense and Changhong. Song Dong, vice president and president of Jingke Electronics, said that although the market growth rate has been slowing down in the first half of the year, the market has now warmed up. This period of time close to the year has been the golden age of home improvement, which will undoubtedly drive the sales of TV sets.

The backlight device has very high reliability requirements for products. Based on the flip-chip and gold-free technology, Jingke Electronics produces high-brightness, high-efficiency, low thermal resistance, ultra-thin packaging, dimensional and color consistency. Features. At present, the company has introduced high-reliability side-emitting backlight package devices 4014, 7020, direct-lit backlight device 3030, and gradually won market recognition.

Dr. Xiao Guowei, President of Jingke Electronics, will share with you the keynote speech on “LED TV backlight technology trends” at the 10th China International Display Conference (CIDC 2014) forum, and discuss the LED industry technology development and trend analysis, LCD TV development. The requirements for LED backlights and the main technologies and product forms of LED backlights are welcome to attend! (This article is the electronic submission of Jingke)

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