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HC Home Network News: From July 16 to 31, 2011, the FINA World Swimming Championships will be held in Shanghai, China. For China, hosting this global swimming event is a pioneering event. This is the first time the World Championships have settled in China. It is also the second time in Asia after the Fukuoka, Japan, in 2001.


Midea Group becomes the official partner of FINA

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For the Chinese business community, branding through sports events has become one of the paths for Chinese companies to move toward internationalization. Among the official partners of the FINA, in addition to Omega, Nikon and other well-known international brands, the figure of Chinese companies has also appeared for the first time. This company is the leader of China's home appliance industry - Midea Group.

On November 18, 2010, China Midea Group and the International Swimming Federation signed an agreement. FINA President Julio Margolione visited the conference and announced that Midea Group became the official partner of FINA. The first Chinese global official partner. This is another case of sports marketing that has attracted attention from Chinese home appliance companies after the Beijing Olympic Games and the Guangzhou Asian Games.

In an interview with reporters, Dong Xiaohua, director of the Public Relations Department of China Refrigeration Appliance Group, pointed out that in the process of China's rise as the world's second largest economy, the home appliance industry is one of the earliest and most competitive industries in the manufacturing industry. . But today, from a global perspective, China's home appliance industry is still facing a development model based on scale, price competition as a means, and product-driven. How to get rid of the status quo of relying solely on product experience to form brand awareness is a problem that Chinese home appliance companies need to think about.

Internationalization is the dream of any big brand. Although after years of efforts, due to the constraints of brands and channels, the internationalization of China's home appliance industry is still at the stage of OEM. The real internationalization process is difficult. In overseas markets, it still has not got rid of the low-cost advantage. The "Made in China" image of price competition.

In this context, the promotion of brand influence and global popularity through international sports events has become one of the competitive strategies of China's home appliance industry. The combination of brands and sports can easily cross the boundaries of different nationalities, countries and regions, integrate into local culture, and achieve global expansion of the brand.

However, the essence of sports marketing is not simply to promote the brand, but to use the sports platform to enhance and surpass the core culture of the brand.

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