Joint Construction Optoelectronics Suspension is planned to plan major issues

Lianjian Optoelectronics announced on the evening of the 30th that the company is planning a major event. In view of the fact that the matter is still under discussion, there is still uncertainty. According to the relevant provisions of the “Stock Exchange Listing Rules of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange”, the company trades with Shenzhen Securities. Upon application, the company's stock has been suspended since the market opened on June 30, 2015.

After the company disclosed the relevant announcement, apply for stock resumption.

Quality flame retardant abrasion resistance wire/cable management Polyester Expandable Braided Sleeving

Abrasion Resistant Pet Braided Sleeving

Advantages of PET Heat Resistant Sleeve For Cable

1. Operating temperature: -50°C~150°C


2. Melting point: 250±5°C.


3.Flammability: UL VW-1

4.Standard color: White, Black, Gray,Red, Yellow, Blue,Pink,Orange,Purple,Remix pattern


5.Cutting tool: Hot knife

6. Certificate: RoHS ,MSDS,Halogen Free


Application of Heat Sleeve For Wire

1. Automobile wires protection 

2. Structured cabling system 

3. A/V cables & HDMI cables 

4. Industrial hoses & tubes protection

Heat Sleeve For Wire

Heat Resistant Cable Sleeve,Woven Cable Sleeve,Braided Mesh Wire Wrap,Braided Shield Sleeve

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