June 8 UT housekeeping shocked the first two-in-one function

A UT watchdog that integrates monitoring + TV entertainment is not yet on the market. It has already earned enough appetite for users. This mysterious and practical product has finally been unveiled. New products will be available in June 2016. No. 8 shocked the start, the focus of the building monitoring features will add more fun features for smart entertainment living room, for home security and TV box users are undoubtedly great benefits, two functions, half the price, UT watch eggs Give back the support of new and old users with the highest cost performance, and what kind of way will the new product be presented? What kind of preferential offers? Are very worth looking forward to!

Caring parents turn on the phone for a second

UT house eggs in the parents living room, you only need to download UT house eggs APP, open the phone one second home; intelligent noise reduction, restore human voice, UT housekeeping eggs built-in MIC voice function, filter noise, will not Because the signal lights affect the nature of the sound; with such a function, want to meet with their parents, do not buy tickets to go home, open the phone to see the parents sitting in the living room, say to her, Mom and Dad I miss you, sometimes love is So simple!

Caring for the baby at any time to monitor safety care

The child fell from the 14th floor of the house and his family was unknown. He was poisoned by the gas tank and nearly died. He touched his home socket and caused an electric shock! We always keep the news as fun, and family safety precautions have always been weak. The emergence of UT watch eggs To solve the baby's safety problem, easy to install in two steps, open the phone watch the egg APP to view the baby at home, once you find any abnormal baby, immediately prevent accidents.

Privacy protection please leave space for your children

What kind of method will the monitored video enter into the living room? Surveillance camera is a way, but the camera is not restricted due to installation, so privacy protection has become a concern for users, the recent installation of cameras in the bedroom infringe the privacy of their children, the frequent departure of children leaving home, on the one hand, reflects the young people's privacy protection enhancements On the other hand, it also exposes the weaknesses of surveillance cameras; if it is only placed in the living room, it greatly improves personal privacy protection and protects family security. Is this product the best of both worlds? UT watched home eggs enter the user's life with a brand-new living room entertainment, protecting privacy and increasing smart security.

There is no advertising without a monthly fee.

It's no surprise that a TV box that can watch all David's video channels, chasing variety shows, watching Korean dramas, playing games, and shopping on the Internet is free. It can be achieved by randomly choosing a flower and a few hundred yuan on the market; until the emergence of UT house eggs. Breaking the user's cognition of the TV box, this set of monitoring and free watching TV features a two-in-one product to make the chase experience more cool!

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