Just a trick to teach you how to turn a smart TV into a regular TV

Nowadays, many young people buy smart TVs for their parents. Although they are filial, it is also a loss for parents to use them. Buying smart TVs for elderly parents is actually irrational. Smart TV operations are for young people. It's simple, but it's really not as easy for some older people to use as a regular TV. Can that smart TV be used as an ordinary TV? The answer is certainly yes.

The smart TV also has the interface of an ordinary TV, so the smart TV has no problem as an ordinary TV. For example, to connect an antenna to a TV program like an ordinary TV, you only need to insert the TV signal cable into the antenna signal input interface of the smart TV. If you need to connect DVD players, set-top boxes, and other devices like ordinary TVs, you only need to connect the AV interface to the set-top box and the TV to use.

When the user wants to watch a live TV program, simply press the source button of the remote control to switch the TV signal source to TV to watch the TV program.

When the user wants to use a DVD or set-top box to watch other programs, simply press the source button of the remote control and switch the TV signal source to AV to display the DVD player or set-top box.

Smart TVs are really suitable for young people. If parents at home don’t adapt to modern equipment, children’s best not to buy smart TVs is better!

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