Kai Bor 4K Blu-ray player "poster wall" management features a comprehensive upgrade

This is a special innovation! Kai Bor transformed the single file list display of traditional Blu-ray players into a vivid poster wall display, which solved people's pain points for the hard-to-recognize Blu-ray hard disk file names in foreign languages.

KBolle's new Q Series 4K Blu-ray HDD player - Kaibol Q10 plus poster wall function, through the Internet automatically match the video profile (including actors, directors, producers, video introduction), ratings, classification, etc., can be filtered through the classification of local films, Local videos can also be searched by the first letter.

Enter the KBL Q10 Plus Home

Press the "up" button on the remote control to quickly enter the poster wall

Click to enter the device list to scan (you can directly select the entire storage device can also be customized to select a single folder)

When scanning files, you can also modify the format of the movie that will be scanned. This will make your movie match more accurately.

The video recognition is divided into three stages: video recognition, poster matching, and poster download.

(Open "Video Library" again and you can see the local video file is displayed on the poster wall)

After the scan is complete, open the Hobbit 3: Battle of Five Armies.

We can see titles, posters, showtimes, length of play, languages, actors, film types, directors, productions, storage paths, profiles, play buttons, and favorite buttons.

Then return to the poster wall.

We can see that at the top of the page is a video classification filter. Here, you can easily select the device, type, and year of the video you want to find, without having to select pages one by one, which greatly saves the search time.

At the bottom of the poster wall is the general menu bar.

Starting from the left, first is the search function, where you can directly search for the video you want to see.

The more powerful feature of the KBolle Q10 Plus poster wall function is the introduction of a video library assistant mobile app.

The library assistant APP can map videos from the player's video library to the mobile terminal for on-demand broadcasting. This feature is widely used in high-end villa home theaters or commercial video bars. However, this feature only supports Android devices for the time being.

Scan the QR code in the lower left corner of the poster wall (on the right side of the search bar) with an Android device to download and install the gallery assistant APP.

After installation, enter the phone library assistant. The videos in the APP are also automatically categorized, and they can search for the first letter and browse the video information. They can also play and push. After the page is pushed, the pop-up page can perform fast forward, rewind, pause, and push playback controls on the currently playing movie.

Further to the right, are functions such as playing records, collecting videos, using devices, settings, etc.

The first three items are the basic functions of the movie. We focus on the setting function.

In the setup, there are three modules, which are device management, video management, and more settings.

The device management can clean and delete the devices you have scanned. Video management can delete, collect and edit the movies you have scanned.

The above is the introduction of the new Q Series 4K Blu-ray HDD player poster wall function in the opener. The demonstration model is the Kaibol Q10 plus.

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