Kangbao borrows the furniture of the dynasty to reform and develop a new business model

Dynasty Furniture is another cooperation platform established by the Royal Family Group to integrate domestic famous furniture, building materials, kitchen appliances and other well-known brands. The major suppliers exchange learning, mutual benefit and common development. In the domestic furniture market reform and development of a new one-stop business model, allowing consumers to have a more professional, personalized, integrated quality furniture experience.

On August 25th, Mr. Gong Weiquan, Managing Director of Kangbao Electric, and Mr. Huang Zhengxiang, General Manager of Domestic Sales, attended the “Huangchao Group Big Home Strategic Media Conference” held by the Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture Group at the headquarters. Mr. Xie Jinpeng, Chairman of the Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture Group, Mr. Chen Hao, Executive Director of Hong Kong Dynasty Group, Mr. Chen Yongjie, Executive Director of Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture Group, Mr. Xie Xueqin, Executive Director of Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture Group, and strategic partners of large furniture and building materials brands.


At the press conference, Mr. Xie Jinpeng, Chairman of the Dynasty Furniture Group, delivered a speech as a representative and analyzed the development background of the pan-home industry. He believes that overall, the current pan-home industry challenges and opportunities coexist, and the entire pan-home industry has nearly 40,000. With a production value of 100 million yuan, it is urgent to go to inventory and de-capacity, carry out in-depth reform and innovation. In general, the future development potential of the home market is unlimited. Coupled with the penetration of the Internet into major industries, platform integration and port economy have become the first place for enterprises to seize, and the future will be a contest of brands, capital, business models and other comprehensive strengths, and the furniture industry is no exception. Therefore, the dynasty must be strategically partnered with large furniture and building materials brands.

As a brand with a history of 28 years, Kangbao has established a production line of all kinds and series of products since its establishment, and has always adhered to quality. It has been deeply rooted in people's hearts for many years. Strong brand, perfect dealer network and mature home appliance technology are the sources of confidence that the dynasty can work together.


Seize the opportunity, seek common development

At the meeting, Mr. Gong Weiquan of Kangbao Electric Co., Ltd. very much agrees that the Dynasty will launch a new new business model for home. Kangbao will seize the opportunity of cooperation. The new business model will give full play to the good brand recognition and reputation of Kangbao Electric. The advantages of the dealer offline service network and all-category multi-dimensional products, through the online platform port drainage, provide consumers with one-stop solutions, including: design, construction supervision, building materials, soft furnishings, furniture, home appliances and accessories Wait for a one-stop home package. The new business model can also provide consumers with personalized one-stop home design and customized services to fully meet the diverse consumer demand for personalized home consumption.

Kangbao Electric cooperates with the dynasty big home strategic cooperation platform, which will be a corporate transformation for Kangbao Electric, and will be integrated into a one-stop home overall solution service platform with guaranteed quality, reasonable price and high quality products and services. On the road of reform and development, we have always adhered to the principle of providing healthy products for human beings, contributing to the improvement of human life quality, and striving to be a leader in healthy kitchen appliances.

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