Kunming: the application scale is only second in the selection of Guangdong products

[Photo/Reporter Zhou Jianhua] "Infrared LED application penetration can be said to be a household name. The application scale is actually second only to Guangdong. Because of the strong support of the government, the LED sales awareness of enterprises and businesses has also increased." Li Sheng, general manager of the company, said.

It is precisely because of the importance attached by Kunming merchants to LEDs, and the selection of good brands and good products is in its infancy. Therefore, on the afternoon of May 22, Gaogong LED hosted the “2013 China” sponsored by Gaogong LED’s “Lighting Channel”. The LED Good Products Tour Exhibition and Investment Conference attracted more than 70 dealers and some design engineering agencies to attend and successfully concluded.

During the meeting, the head of the well-known LED lighting brand in China, Lin Jilin, deputy general manager of Mulinsen Lighting, Mao Zilai, sales director of Laiwei Optoelectronics, Zhang Hu, deputy general manager of 韬 broadcasting lighting sales, Zou Hui, lighting development manager of Xinteli, Lianchuang photoelectric lighting Marketing Director Yi Naizhi, You Gelai Lighting Marketing Director Han Yiwei; Yunnan Business Representative Yunnan Shengsheng Energy Saving Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Sheng, Associate Professor of Yunnan University School of Art and Design Zhang Feng and High LED Marketing Director He Wenbin and Kunming Local and Surroundings Distributors, designers and engineering decoration companies will analyze and predict the development trend of LED lighting market, share LED distribution channel strategy and LED lighting design trends.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very warm. The exchanges between the participants and the leaders of the good product display manufacturers were deeper. They expressed their outstanding design and development capabilities for the wood-based lighting and cost-effective light source products, the new Teli lighting, the advantage of the lighting single product champion, and the Optima lighting. The liquid-cooled LED technology is very interesting.

In fact, the staff of the “2013 China LED Good Products Roving Exhibition and Merchants Conference” reached Kunming Changshui International Airport in the early morning of May 21, and the taxis drove several kilometers from the inside. The roads were illuminated by LED lights. It turns out that the airport is the only airport in China that uses the concept of LED light art, with an investment of 47 million yuan. The number of LED lights exceeds that of the Beijing Water Cube and the Shenzhen Universiade, reaching 435,680. This is not the case in the previous 8 provincial capitals. It can be seen that the influence of the local government on the penetration of the LED industry is self-evident.

The reporter visited and learned that the most concentrated LED exhibition in Kunming is Dashanghui International Building Materials Decoration City. The existing business area is about 400,000 square meters, of which the lighting and lighting business area is about 80,000 square meters, covering almost the domestic first, second and third line. Brand. Mainstream brands such as Philips Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Qinshang Optoelectronics, Mulinsen Lighting, Jiamei Lighting have set up their own LED flagship stores and image stores here, plus many new LED manufacturers, and now there are various LED brands. More than a hundred homes.

Lin Jili, deputy general manager of Mulinsen Lighting, can continue the vitality of the company

At present, there are many artificial vicious competitions in the LED industry. If we establish a credit for a brand and then transform it into an intangible asset of the enterprise, we will be willing to pay a trust value several times higher than our competitors. . Because the brand is a feeling, an intangible asset that exists in people's minds, not the product itself. The foundation for a company to build a strong brand is credit. In order to enhance the competitiveness of their own brands, local LED companies must first follow the basic rules of commercial games. This is the first step for domestic enterprises to be in line with international standards.

LED companies are the mainstay of technological innovation, and technology development activities can bring benefits. Once other companies imitate or improve their new LED products, the "monopoly profits" formed by technological innovation will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, companies must constantly carry out technological innovations and form scale to further reduce costs. The faster the technological progress of LED companies, the more market share they can occupy with innovative products, thus driving the continuous development of new products. Our Mulinsen lighting has been continuing this value war, and has become an excellent LED company in the field of innovation.

Laiwei Optoelectronics Sales Director Mao Zilai's brand personality comes from quality culture

Compared with other peers, we don't have the most LED main styles every year, but the life cycle is definitely longer, such as LED tube spotlights and LED tubes with fashionable design. In order to build a strong brand competitiveness, the brand must be unique. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Volvo, etc. are world-class car brands, all with a luxurious and luxurious temperament. The brand personality they embody is quite different.

Mao Zilai believes that to build LED brand personality, we must first build a personalized quality culture. The essence of the brand is to say that quality is the vitality of the brand. Without excellent product quality, brands can't have a foothold, and companies can't compete in the market. Enterprise technology and equipment are the "hardware" of personalized product quality, and quality awareness is more important "software." Quality awareness comes from every employee involved in production and sales, and people are the most active factor in production. What kind of quality awareness, what kind of product quality. This is our belief that Laiwei Optoelectronics has always been very concerned and continues to maintain.

Zhang Hu, the deputy general manager of the company's lighting sales, has a strong competitive edge.

The characteristics of the era of big marketing are to pay attention to the needs of customers, and to pay attention to price, characteristics and application orientation. At present, many LED companies are committed to developing products with various interests and adopting different marketing combinations according to market characteristics to provide products and services that can meet the different needs of customers. To achieve this, it is necessary to differentiate the product or service, that is, to position the brand. Differentiation is the basis for brand positioning. Positioning is crucial for an LED company, especially the current LED industry.

To establish a firm foothold in a complex domestic channel environment, it is necessary to build a brand. It is not enough to understand the general concept of brand positioning. It should also analyze brand positioning like Kenting Jieniu and gain insight into brand positioning from different perspectives. There will be a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of brand positioning. I believe that at present, the LED market is in the era of big marketing. The characteristics of the big marketing era are to pay attention to the needs of customers, and pay attention to price, characteristics and application orientation.

优莱莱 Lighting Marketing Director Han Yizhen Liquid Cooling is an efficient way to solve LED heat dissipation

Heat dissipation has always been a hidden secret of LED lighting. We can count: because of the heat dissipation problem, the junction temperature is too high, the attenuation is fast, and the life is short; because of the heat dissipation problem, the ambient temperature cannot be too high or too low; because of the heat dissipation problem, it cannot be used in a dusty environment; The choice of light type is not large; because of the heat dissipation problem, the volume is difficult to make small; because of the heat dissipation problem, the lumen number is difficult to improve; because of the heat dissipation problem, the LED light is difficult to waterproof and so many other problems are all around the LED heat dissipation.

We are eager to give up the traditional thinking of heat dissipation and air cooling of aluminum fins, using the patented liquid cooling technology of insulation, flame retardant, non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe and environmentally friendly, so that the LED light-emitting chip and the driving circuit are all immersed in the liquid. Solved the most important heat dissipation problem affecting LED life. The liquid cooling method is adopted to dissipate heat rapidly, so that the working temperature of the whole lamp chip is below 65 ° C, which slows down the light decay of the lamp bead and prolongs the service life of the lamp. It is unmatched by other heat dissipation methods. Due to the principle of subverting the traditional cooling technology, it brings multiple advantages such as small size, long life, excellent optical index and strong environmental suitability.

Zou Hui, manager of Xintel Lighting Development Department, established the core value of LED brand

A basic requirement for LED companies to establish brands is that they have strong strength and development prospects. The differences between competitive products are very small, and rational interests are not driven to change customer buying behavior. I believe that in order to achieve long-term LED product products, in addition to the brand awareness as soon as possible, the key issue is to establish the core value of the brand, provide customers with a unique reason for purchase, and strive to make customers through effective communication and communication. Know.

When LED products enter the growth stage, the focus of corporate marketing efforts is to strengthen customer understanding of the brand's core values ​​and brand personality. Brand understanding is not the same as brand awareness. LED brand awareness only reflects the customer's awareness of the brand, but does not represent the customer's understanding of the brand. The most important way to increase brand awareness is to strengthen communication with customers. LED companies should comprehensively use various forms of communication means to build brand awareness and lay a good foundation for maturity in the future.

The marketing director of Lianchuang Optoelectronics Lighting Division Yi Ningzhi concentrates on 20% of customers is more important

A company, especially LED lighting companies, is the product that is the biggest headache in the early stages of product manufacturing. When companies spend this period, they are often troubled by brands. Many people say that LED brands rely on a lot of advertising. There is a famous saying in the advertising industry: not to advertise and die, to advertise to find death. The weakness of the weak LED brand is naturally not enough in terms of capital. The possibility of a large amount of advertising is not great. Moreover, in the increasingly widespread advertising, the integrity of advertising has begun to fall into crisis.

Then, you can't take shortcuts, you can't trust dealers, and where should companies go? I think: Jiangshan must fight on its own! Weak enterprises cannot do the national market, but it is still possible to do several counties or 1-2 prefecture-level cities. Gathering its limited resources into several markets, intensive cultivation is always much stronger than that of peas. Consumers have a herd mentality, and there are more than two phenomena, that is, 20% of people decide 80% of consumption trends. As long as companies tightly grasp the habits of these consumer leaders and guide them to move closer to their products, they are getting closer to market goals.

Li Sheng, general manager of Yunnan Yusheng Energy Saving Co., Ltd. should avoid “diversity” and “was lost”

Due to the government's active promotion, the LED application in Yunnan is actually second only to Guangdong. It can be said that it is a comprehensive flowering stage, because ordinary people will also consult LEDs. I think all the shops that open stores will encounter such a situation. It is estimated that two to three years, Kunming's traditional lighting will gradually be replaced by LED, it can be said who can seize the opportunity of LED to master the right to speak in the lighting industry.

However, the Yunnan LED market is now in a melee. Many merchants are still embarrassed about LED good products and good brands. Now that LED companies are slightly larger, they are beginning to spur the expansion of their production lines and even work across sectors, and in a few months they will be on a new category. The name "diversified business" is essentially a half-way, pure OEM, or even a concept game, without any core competitiveness. The enterprises have infiltrated each other in the business category, resulting in serious market homogeneity and constant price wars. Diversification has become a disadvantage, the group's ideals are extremely easy to abort, and the brand value is also empty talk, causing great harm to the business.

Associate Professor Zhang Feng of Yunnan University School of Art and Design Precision LED lighting design is a general trend

In recent years, with the adoption of more and more new building materials, the light characteristics of building materials have become diversified and complicated, posing new challenges to the architectural light environment.

The design basis of space lighting is also in the rapid evolution of science and technology. It has jumped out of the traditional personal experience judgment and architectural decoration mode, and the precise illumination light effect came into being. LED lighting designers should use their own understanding of light and space to combine the complex lighting technology with the rich visual image of architects and interior designers to enhance the comfort, functionality, aesthetics and value of each project. . Let the entire space design case, whether it is indoor, outdoor, architectural, exhibition lighting design planning, can be perfectly presented in the computer in 3D perspective, and all the lighting data is clearly in a graphical way. List it in detail.

Therefore, companies with professional LED lighting design should accurately and effectively integrate products into space design, control project budget, provide optimal and energy-saving lighting design, specify the characteristics of lamps, facilitate the bidding of lamps, and accurately evaluate replacement. The performance of the system, guide the installation of the lighting equipment, and consider the maintenance of the lighting system.

Gao Wen LED Marketing Director He Wenbin LED industry in the four seasons

At present, the situation of the LED industry has become very clear. The traditional lighting has shifted its efforts to LED lighting. The traditional lighting enterprises that are mainly export-oriented have shifted to the domestic market. Foreign companies and state-owned enterprises have stepped up their efforts to enter the LED lighting market. There is also a large number of domestic upstream and midstream enterprises to move downstream, and LED lighting companies began to build large-scale channels. The price war has escalated, and the big manufacturers have fought for the occupancy rate. Therefore, the LED lighting brand has gradually appeared, and the top 10 rankings have been decided within four years.

I describe the LED industry chain in this way: the upstream of the winter: the price war of epitaxial chips continues, and there are less than 30 companies in the epitaxial chip enterprises. Mid-stream in the fall: The packaging factory closed down 20%, and most packaging companies turned to lighting devices. Spring lighting: display business closures accelerated, and transferred to the lighting, LED lights are lower than traditional energy-saving lamps, the formation of large markets, LED downlights, LED spotlights in the Chinese market penetration rate of more than 30%, lighting companies two-level differentiation, And a number of sales of billion-level LED lighting companies.

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