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Gas lamp is sealed in the bubble between the discharge process of the electrode, so it is also called sealed arc discharge light source. It is characterized by stable radiation, high power, and high luminous efficiency. Therefore plays an important role in lighting, photometry and spectroscopy. There are many types of gas lamps. The lamps can be filled with different gases or metal vapors, such as argon, helium, hydrogen, neon, xenon, and other gases and mercury, sodium, metal halides, etc., thereby forming a variety of light sources for different discharge media.

LED lamp is the abbreviation of English light emitting diode (light emitting diode), its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, with silver or white glue curing to the bracket, and then using silver wire for welding, and then use epoxy The resin seal serves to protect the inner core, so the LED's seismic performance is good.

The incandescent lamp heats the filament to an incandescent state and utilizes thermal radiation to emit an electric light source that is visible. Since the United States' TA Edison made carbon filament (ie, carbon filament) incandescent lamps in 1879, people have continuously improved the filament material, filament structure, and filling gas, and the luminous efficiency of incandescent bulbs has also been correspondingly improved. In 1959, the United States developed tungsten bulbs with small volume and decay on the basis of incandescent lamps. The development trend of incandescent lamps is mainly the development of energy-saving light bulbs. Different uses and requirements of incandescent lamps, their structure and components are not the same. Although the light efficiency of incandescent lamps is low, but the light color and light collection performance is good, it is the largest output and the most widely used electric light source.

Kerosene lamps are the main lighting tool before the popularity of electric lights, and kerosene is used as a fuel. Most of them are glassy materials, such as gourds with slender waist and bellies. The top is a lamp head shaped like a mouthpiece. There is a knob on the side of the lamp head that can be used to turn the wick in and out to control the brightness of the lamp.

The fluorescent lamp is a low-pressure mercury lamp, which uses a low-pressure mercury vapor to radiate ultraviolet rays during the discharge process, so that the phosphor emits visible light, and thus it belongs to a low-pressure arc discharge light source. The electrodeless fluorescent lamp is an electrodeless lamp. It eliminates the filaments and electrodes of conventional fluorescent lamps and uses the principle of electromagnetic coupling to excite the mercury atoms from the original state to the excited state. Its light emission principle is similar to that of a conventional fluorescent lamp, and has a long life and high light efficiency. Good color rendering and other advantages.

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