LED backpacks used for multiple purposes to solve power shortages in remote areas

LED backpacks used for multiple purposes to solve power shortages in remote areas

According to statistics, more than 950,000 schoolchildren in the world do not go to school, among which India ranks highest. In third world countries, students in many rural areas lack the most basic educational facilities. Because they do not have desks, they can only sit on the ground. Long-term poor postures may cause back pain, and lack of light sources may also result in poor vision and attention of children. Unfocused issues.

To this end, the international company Prayas Innovation has designed a multi-functional schoolbag named “YELO” that combines functions of storage, desks, and lighting to solve problems in third-world children’s learning devices and help them to be more efficient. Learning.

"YELO" schoolbag not only has the most basic storage function, so that children can not worry about the weather at any time to carry books, but also use the single folding technology to cleverly convert the schoolbag into a desk, and intimate design ergonomic 30 to 35 degree angle inclined desktop , so that children can avoid back pain caused by prolonged posture. The desk made of corrugated cardboard can bear a weight of at least 5 kg.

In addition, remote areas are most often faced with the problem of lack of electricity, so that the general schoolchildren cannot learn at night. Yelo's built-in solar modules convert solar energy into electricity, store it in rechargeable batteries, and give LED lights to provide schoolchildren and remote homes about 6 to 8 hours of lighting at night; not only that, this electricity can also be provided to mobile phones for emergency charging. . Prayas sent Yelo to schools in a remote area of ​​Maharashtra on the Indian Independence Day on August 15th.

It's a press laminated wood veneer in crosswise direction, based on high quality and selected birch veneers, stick together with Electrical thermosetting synthetic resins under high pressure and temperature. 

Good Electrical properties
Excellent absorption of transformer oil
High mechanical strength 
Low and high temperature resistance
Good resistance to the abrasion and wear

The product is mainly use in the electrical oil transformers applications as high electrical insulation material, like Pressure Beams, step blocks, pressure spare parts, top and bottom support coils, potential rings, pressure rings , spacers, etc. For his mechanical strength, laminated wood can be also use for many applications as abrasion resistance material under stress.

Transformer Laminated Wood Blocks

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