LED ceiling lamps show four major trends

Overall intelligence

As the protagonist of LED light source products, LED ceiling lamps have developed rapidly in recent years, and various new products are not poor. A product called the human body induction LED ceiling lamp that was popular in the market has attracted people's attention. This kind of product, "people are bright, people are running out of lights", has pushed energy saving and consumption a step further. And this is just a sign of the intelligentization of LED ceiling lamps. In the context of the continued tight supply of electricity, as people's awareness of power saving is increasing, the market demand for LED ceiling lamps with energy-saving performance is rapidly expanding. In the unique performance of the LED light source, the light conversion function mainly based on dimming and color grading will attract much attention. Many companies are committed to the continuous development of intelligent LED ceiling lamps because they see the business opportunities.

In the intelligent road, Panasonic and Philips undoubtedly took the lead in the industry and became the leader in this field. However, domestic lighting companies are not willing to show weakness, and they have increased their investment in this area.

Based on this, Liangdi Lighting has carefully studied and combined intelligent and color lighting to make the color lighting become more and more arbitrary. The maximum brightness of a lamp can display 4095 kinds of light effects. At the same time, the new concept of color lighting has been creatively proposed in the industry. Liangdi Lighting has subverted the traditional yellow and white era of traditional home lighting, leading home lighting into a new era of color lighting.

The dimming color LED ceiling lamp is the main direction of light illumination. The lighting of light is dedicated to creating a comfortable and harmonious light environment, integrating the application of home life into the LED industry, providing green and ecological LED lighting products for the majority. Consumers solve the limitations of traditional lighting, break the single role of lighting, and strive to integrate into the home application, to achieve the true sense of LED smart home lighting for the majority of consumers.

In this field, Bai Nian has also made a lot of efforts. Bai Wei, general manager of Bai Nian, said that in the field of traditional LED ceiling lamps, there is no way to compete with some companies that only fight price wars. So we chose to take the differentiated route, mainly to make the stepless dimming color ceiling lamp products.

From the recent situation of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the LED ceiling lamps for indoor lighting occupy a certain proportion, and the intelligent control is still the focus of many enterprises.

The “Element” series LED chandeliers displayed by Hongyan Lighting are not only the first home lighting integrated IoT technology in China, but also break through the traditional lighting concept, subtly integrating intelligent control, network, terminal equipment and application. It has provided a brand new LED terminal product for the field of intelligent lighting. Users want to control this "element" series of LED chandeliers, just take out the phone to pay attention to the specific public micro-signal, you can click on the menu in the device list on the screen for intelligent control. It can be seen that the LED ceiling lamp is highly intelligent and close.

Product personalization

Liang Qiyong, a veteran of the industry, said that in the future, the development of the industry must make LED ceiling lamps personalized and artistic, making it decorative. “To make the ceiling lamp a ' lighting ', small products make big articles. It can give LED ceiling lamps more elements, and it is possible to create a new product, not called LED ceiling lamps, but rather The name is gone."

In the industry, we also see many companies working hard in this direction. In 2013, Nippon Lighting pioneered the LED fashion ceiling lamp in the lighting industry. Therefore, Nippon Lighting became the first company in the field of LED ceiling lamps to propose the concept of “fashion”.

"After the 80s, 90s, like avant-garde, trend, personality, we must meet this market demand, so we put forward the concept of 'fashion'." Hao Pujun, chairman of Nippon Lighting, said.

The current market does not lack products, but lacks differentiation. Everyone's products look the same. According to Hao Qianjun, its LED fashion ceiling lamps are mainly reflected in thin products and many colors. The advanced technology solves the thin problem and makes the products look very textured. In terms of color, the color of the ceiling lamp is colorful and beautiful. . “The product is full of temptation, so that consumers can see our products shine in front of them, thus attracting consumers’ eyes.” Hao Qianjun said that in the field of LED ceiling lamps, Nippon Lighting has a strong mold opening capability, which is It lays the foundation for creating products that are cost-effective and personalized.

Market segmentation

Although LED ceiling lamps are a small segment of the lighting industry, with the increase in their status and sales scale, LED ceiling lamps will continue to be subdivided in the future.

Among them, children's special LED ceiling lamps are typical examples.

In order to meet the children's special requirements for lighting and the appearance of the product, many companies aim at this market segment and introduce a variety of children's lamps.

After 2013, children's LED ceiling lamps have also been recognized in many regional markets and have been widely welcomed.

In addition to focusing on LED ceiling lamps, Bai Nian has further refined the consumer groups. Through several months of research and development, design, mold-making, production of "beauty" series of products, specifically for the female consumer group of ceiling lamps, the series can be dimmed, color-graded according to personal preferences, and is deeply loved by consumers.

This is just the form we are currently seeing on the subdivision of LED ceiling lamps. In the future, we have reason to believe that LED ceiling lamps will continue to be subdivided.

Channel e-commerce

For LED home lighting companies, the intermediate circulation of e-commerce channels is shortened and the initial construction cost is low, which can indirectly promote the popularity of LED home lighting products. LED ceiling lamps, due to their product characteristics, have determined that they can be sold on a large scale in e-commerce platforms.

At the 2014 China (Zhongshan) LED Application and Marketing Innovation Conference, Lin Yifeng, chairman of Shenzhen Zhouming Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out that in the Internet era, if a company does not have its own online brand, you are not missing an opportunity, but a Times, e-commerce and mobile Internet have given new brands the opportunity to regain users.

Nowadays, major lighting brands have also entered the major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Mall and Jingdong Mall, and the best-selling products are concentrated in home lighting. There are well-known Ou Pu Lighting, NVC Lighting, Philips, Panasonic, TCL also have network famous brands sold through e-commerce, Ou Duo, Han Yuan and so on.

It is understood that in 2013, the scale of the e-commerce platform lighting market was over 10 billion yuan, of which LED ceiling lamps accounted for 31.23% of the overall market, and the market size reached 4.528 billion yuan.

The reporter searched the word "LED ceiling lamp" on Tmall and popped up a total of 46,105 related products, which is much higher than its LED lighting products.

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