LED glass tube flooding market is designated as low-end market

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" December issue (total 60th issue) | reporter Yang Jinglin] technical content is not high, industry standards are lacking, products have no clear quality certification requirements, a large number of low-quality LED glass It is an indisputable fact that the lamp is flooding the market, which has also led to the long-term positioning of glass tubes in the low-end market.

Therefore, while the glass tube has received much attention and respect, the doubts caused by the LED industry are also constantly heating up. The biggest advantage of glass lighting is its ultra-low price, but the so-called Cheng Xiaohe, the defeat is also Xiao He, its price is also the first place to be criticized by the doubters.

"In addition to the low price, the glass tube has no other advantages." According to industry insiders, from the current situation, the glass tube is mainly for the mass consumer market. The quality requirements are not so high, and everyone is more concerned about the price. It is precisely because of its positioning that manufacturers are blindly pursuing price advantages, resulting in uneven products and unguaranteed quality.

"It is precisely because of this vicious competition that the glass lamp industry is in chaos that various quality problems will arise, but fundamentally it is not a problem with the product itself, but the problem of disordered industry positioning." Suzhou Reach Photoelectric Qian Tao, chairman of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. believes that as the LED market matures, the positioning of products is further clarified and industry standards are further regulated. By then, these so-called product quality problems will be effectively solved.

At the same time, the relevant people also "accused" that the glass tube is not only brittle, but also has a heat dissipation rate that is far less than aluminum, and it is also very troublesome in the assembly process, and it is difficult to deal with various unexpected problems.

In this regard, Tang Yuying held different opinions. He believes that the thermal conductivity of the glass tube is better than that of ordinary heat-conducting plastic. The heat of the glass tube can be conducted through the glass, so there is no problem with the heat dissipation of the glass tube. Therefore, the current power can achieve 18 watts of glass tubes, and the lumen temperature is relatively low. Coupled with soft light, high light efficiency and large light space, glass tubes still have a vast market.

It is true that the current market for glass tubes is in a period of steady growth. As far as the product itself is concerned, the glass tube is already very affordable and the price is very high. According to the investigation of the reporter, the current 12-13 watt glass lamp in Zhongshan area is about 8.8 yuan. High-quality manufacturers, such as Guoxing Optoelectronics, Foshan Lighting, etc., the price is also about a dollar per watt.

“Glass lamps are positioned in the mass market, that is, in the low-end market. The first consideration is of course the price/performance ratio. The engineering category is mainly based on plastic pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes. In the distribution channels, we can see the market of glass lamps. The share is gradually expanding. The glass lamp has been favored by many customers with its ultra-low price. We are also gradually increasing the production capacity of the glass lamp according to the customer's intention." An industry insider said.

"Now, the impact of glass tubes on aluminum-plastic tubes is very large." Tang Yuying said that glass tubes are now being produced by many manufacturers, resulting in a downward trend in sales of aluminum-plastic tubes. In terms of market share, the market share of glass tubes will continue to expand. "Conservatively, the market share of glass tubes will reach about 30% in the next year."

In addition, Lv Jurong, general manager of Bailida Optoelectronics, also said that glass lamps continue to go to the low-end market. At the same time that the whole country is making glass tubes, the all-plastic lamps in the high-end market and with safety regulations will also be future lamps. Another direction of the tube, aluminum plastic pipe or will be slowly eliminated. "In the near future, the lamp market will be divided equally between the glass tube and the plastic tube."

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