LED image processing lighting source performance profile

Tang Gui. A 31-based product data exchange model mapping implementation and knowledge modeling doctoral dissertation. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 19980 Introduction to the performance of lighting source performance On September 28th, China Daheng Image Company and Japan 008 Company jointly held a new 0-light source technology exchange exhibition. At the meeting, the technicians of the Japanese 08 company introduced the performance of the new 0 illumination source to the attendees and made a live performance. Illumination sources are important bad sectors like the processing industry and are a key factor affecting the quality of processing. Japan's 008 company introduced a new type of 0 light source, mainly the following types of direct direct illumination source from the high-density LED array direct light source, using the patented FFC flexible sheet folding cone system designed aluminum body, using direct illumination, high Density light output is sharp and clear, and concentrated glare can be generated in the central area of ​​the illumination source.

8. Indirect type indirect illumination source through the 0 diffuse illumination of the light guide plate, using a patented, light-guided system designed aluminum body, using uniformly diffused light from the light source guide plate to illuminate the object to be measured, Can produce uniform illumination.

The transmissive transmission source is illuminated from behind the object to be measured to create a contour, which is smoothed using the unique 008 light guiding technique. The resulting luminous surface. Contour detection is performed using high-intensity light, and reflection from 10 can be prevented by installing a polarizing plate and a polarizing filter.

D. Coaxial coaxial illumination source light passes through the halfmilll, vertically illuminates the model of the halfmilrol with special coating on the measured object, avoiding the generation of high temperature points on the reflective surface, using coaxial illumination, high-intensity uniform light passage, 1 Aligning into the light coaxial with the lens, it is an ideal illumination source for detecting scratches during mirror processing. The special type is mainly divided into the first custom-type collimating optical unit, which can be used to detect small scratches on the reflective surface. It can also be used to read bar code and laser engraved characters; the first custom type, this device can be used in microscope illumination systems, which are less fluorescent than fluorescent and easier to see; the first custom macro lens illumination system , produces a super-strong output, suitable for high-magnification detection.

In terms of processing analysis and detection, the advantages of this series of light sources are that they can be made into various shapes and sizes and various illumination angles; they can be made into various colors as needed, and the brightness can be adjusted at any time; The brightness is more stable; the service life is longer than 50,000 hours, the service life is longer; the reaction is fast, the maximum brightness can be achieved in 10 microseconds or less; the power supply has external trigger, which can be controlled by computer. Fast speed, can be used as strobe light; low operating cost. The long-life 10 will have a greater advantage in terms of cost and performance; it can be specially designed according to customer needs.

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