LED Taiwan factory Li Zhou Technology expects Q3 to reach the target of loss

Li Zhou Technology (3066) Co., Ltd. continued to dispose of the investment business and adjust the product structure. The overall performance of the company was gradually improved. In 2010, the loss of Q2 was reduced to NT$7,493,000, which was NT$14,115 less than Q1. Qianyuan, which drastically reduced accumulated losses, and the recent disposition of Fusheng Technology (8066) Co., Ltd. stocks, led to an increase in the interest on the book's investment losses. It is expected that after 2010, there will be an opportunity to achieve the target of the loss.

In addition, Lizhou Technology's important investment in transformation, LED epitaxial plant Zhoulei Technology (Luxtaltek), after the merger of Xujingguang Technology, combined with the advantages of both technologies and products, gradually eliminated the non-profit products, so that the company is in the camp Effectively improved, the revenue in the first half of 2010 was NT$350 million, a 29% increase from the 270 million yuan in the second half of 2009. It is expected that the monthly consolidated revenue performance of Zhoulei Technology will continue to record high in the second half of the year; In terms of financial performance, the loss in the second half of 2010 was reduced to RMB 43 million from RMB 220 million in the second half of 2009.

Lizhou Technology said that the current LED lighting market demand is rising, the visibility of the company's lighting products in the market is clear, coupled with the investment of LED upstream Zhou Lei Technology and the merger of Xu Jingguang, the epitaxial and chip product line is concentrated, the performance is currently stable, It is expected to drive the overall performance of Lizhou Technology.