Lehman Optoelectronics: the 18th Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition


From July 7th to 10th, the 18th Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Exhibitors from all over the world gathered in Shanghai to attend the event, such as Philips, Osram, Samsung and so on. At this exhibition, the products displayed by China's outstanding enterprises shined brilliantly. Among them, the “National High-tech Enterprise” Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics recently developed high-end innovative products, 3528 Black Pearl and 5050 outdoor series products, which were widely used in China. Customers and buyers from all over the world are favored.

At this exhibition, Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics displayed its most advantageous and innovative products, 3528 Black Pearl, 5050 outdoor series and a variety of energy-saving lighting products, which were deeply loved by the visitors. Among them, 3528 black pearls and 5050 outdoor modules soaked in the aquarium were placed in front of the booth, attracting many visitors to stop and watch.

Some customers at the scene said: "Previously purchased surface mount 5050 products must be filled with a layer of transparent glue for waterproofing. There is a phenomenon of uneven illumination when lighting. Now, finally found a product that meets the requirements." Originally, many LED application manufacturers To ensure the waterproof effect of the outdoor display products, after soldering the LEDs, a layer of transparent glue should be further encapsulated on the surface of the lamp board. Although this can effectively achieve the waterproof effect, it destroys the consistency and uniformity of the LED illumination. . The 5050 outdoor series products produced by Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics have the functions of waterproof, moisture proof and UV protection, and adopt diffused optical design, uniform illumination, good consistency, no need to do secondary filling, which greatly saves the production process. And cost.

Many buyers and end customers from all over the world gave high praise to the products of Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics. They asked the field staff for samples and said they would go to Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics to conduct on-the-spot investigations and discuss cooperation matters.

The general manager of Lehman Optoelectronics, Li Mantie, has been optimistic about the huge development prospects of the LED industry many years ago, and guided the healthy and rapid development of Lehman Optoelectronics with highly forward-looking strategic thinking. In today's society where energy conservation, environmental protection and green lighting are promoted globally, there are more and more successful cases in the application of LED technology in the world-famous large-scale events. The 2008 Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo are all heavily utilized. LED technology has shown a grand scene of grandeur, and Lehman Optoelectronics has made its due contribution to these projects.