LeTV cool cool1 evaluation: the king of cost-effective machine

After the Lexun shares in Coolpad, the first new Cool1 has been officially launched. This mobile phone has changed the past style of Coolpad, no longer takes the business route, integrates LeTV resources, and builds a thousand-yuan dual-camera mobile phone. This time, LeTV has brought a brand new series. Cool1 not only has powerful hardware configuration, but also has dual cameras, as well as LeEco ecosystem, and it also plays the ecological counter-report, negative profit slogan, and the price is only 1099 yuan. What is the cool1 mobile phone?

At present, we have seen that many mobile phones are already equipped with dual cameras, but most of the mobile phones equipped with dual cameras are flagship products. The red rice PRO is special. The dual cameras are simply to install two cameras. On the phone? Of course not. Coolpad used the dual camera for the first time on the Cool Platon. It can also be said to be the industry leader. Now the cool1 this thousand yuan machine is also equipped with a dual camera, which will make cool1 a thousand yuan dual camera.

From the hardware configuration, you can see that the cool1 mobile phone CPU uses the eight-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, which has 4 A72 cores and 4 A53 cores. The A72 core frequency is 1.8GHz, which is also used by thousands of dollars. 652 mobile phone. Using 3G/4GB of large memory and providing 32GB of body storage, the specifications are relatively high. The screen is a 5.5-inch 1080P screen with a dual 13-megapixel camera, color plus black-and-white camera, and an 8 megapixel front camera. In terms of battery, it has a large battery of 4060mAh, and the network supports dual-card dual standby to support full Netcom. Such a configuration of 1099 yuan price does bring a lot of pressure on the products of the same price.

â–² cool cool1

The cool1 phone adopts the popular metal body design, has a 5.5-inch 1080P screen, and the ID has no border, which makes the phone look more beautiful, but the US is not equipped with a 2.5D glass screen. The cool1 phone has a white front panel design, and the upper and lower frames are also designed to be narrower, with a good screen ratio.

â–² bright edge processing

The back of the metal body of the cool1 mobile phone adopts high-bright edge cutting processing, and the position of the screen frame is also inlaid with a high-gloss metal frame. The overall visual effect is greatly improved, and the requirements for process processing are also improved.

â–²cool1 back

â–² three-stage design

The cool1 mobile phone back cover is made of aluminum alloy, the classic three-stage design, the middle end is made of metal, and the upper and lower parts are made of plastic material. This is because the upper and lower parts are the antenna position of the mobile phone. The plastic material has also been carefully treated to give the color a color close to the metal body. The back of the cool1 phone has a certain degree of curvature. Due to the large battery of 4060mAh, the body will look slightly thicker, but it still has a good feel.

â–² camera

The cool1 mobile phone is equipped with a dual 13 megapixel camera. The dual camera uses color and black and white cameras. The color is responsible for collecting object color information, bringing more accurate metering, and more color display, directly improving the quality of the photo. Coolpad has more than 700 dual camera patents, cool1 uses an exclusive engine, cool1 also has dual IPS and Sony sensors, so both hardware and algorithm cool1 have many advantages.

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