Li Nong: The most important thing in choosing a lamp is to look at the craft.


Chief of China Lighting Designer Professional Qualification, Professor Li Nong of Beijing University of Technology

On June 10, 2010, the China Senior Lighting Designers Exhibition Tasting Seminar hosted by China Lighting Network was a complete success. The main person in charge of China's lighting designer professional qualification certification, Professor Li Nong of Beijing University of Technology mentioned in the seminar that the most important thing for lighting designers to choose lamps is to look at the craft.

As a senior lighting designer, I also have my own opinions on the selection of lights. There are two main types, one is the road goods, and the other is the special-shaped lamps. How to choose the road goods, according to the requirements of the owner of the party, prepare the mid-range, high-grade, low-grade to select the corresponding products. Every time I do a case, I may encounter a new supplier. In addition to looking at various technical parameters, it is very important that I must look at its samples and use it for testing. If the data after testing is on the manufacturer's data. If you say the same, then you are half assured. In addition to the good shape, the key issue, the product process is also the key to building confidence in the use of this product. In short, I decided to use the first element of this lamp, based on good process.