"Light Factory" Audi three big car lighting black technology big PK

If the eye is a window of a person's mind, then the headlights of the car are also an important carrier to show the temperament of the car. The Audi brand, dubbed by the netizens as the "light factory", won the nickname of such a goodwill award through its leading innovation in the field of automotive lighting design. Lighting design is not only a lighting need for Audi, but also an aesthetic embodiment of brand value.

Black Technology: Matrix LED headlights

Matrix LED headlights are the most popular lighting configuration for high-end models at this stage. The Audi A8L is the first model to carry this equipment. Its matrix LED headlights consist of 25 light-emitting diodes that produce light that is similar to daylight and consumes far less power than xenon headlights.

When its control switch is in the automatic state and the high beam mode is turned on, the matrix LED headlights are activated as long as the vehicle speed reaches or exceeds the trigger point of 60 km/h. In the active state, once the camera connected to the lighting system detects other traffic objects in front, such as a bicycle pedestrian, the light controller will immediately turn off the LED light source that is directed at the object, while other light sources continue to remain illuminated. , or dim the light into 64 stages, it will not dazzle other vehicles or pedestrians on the road, and it can provide sufficient illumination for the area next to the vehicle.

Black Technology: Laser headlights

When people were sighing about Audi's exquisite LED matrix, Audi took another step in 2014 – equipped with the laser high beam for its R8 LMX sports car, which enabled the world's first mass production of this technology.

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