Lighting and projector applications for the 2011 new LED focus

Affected by the inventory adjustment of the LCD TV LCD TV supply chain, the domestic LED epitaxial/die manufacturers experienced a decline in the fourth quarter of 2010. Looking forward to 2011, the market expects that as more and more manufacturers launch tablet computers and the retail price of LED-backlit LCD TVs will gradually decline, the penetration rate of LED-backlit LCD TVs will accelerate, and the demand for LED backlights will continue to grow. In addition, research institute LEDinside pointed out that lighting and projector applications are also expected to become a new focus in LED applications.

In terms of lighting, mainly countries are accelerating the expansion of the ban on elimination and the ban on traditional incandescent lamps. Not only have EU countries banned the sale of 100-watt incandescent lamps in 2009, but all traditional incandescent lamps will be banned since 2012. The United States will also phase out incandescent lamps in 2012-2014 and switch to energy-saving lamps. Both Australia and Japan have promoted the policy of disabling traditional incandescent lamps and switching to energy-saving lamps in 2010. It is expected that the sales of traditional incandescent lamps will be completely stopped by 2012. The LED energy-saving lighting project in mainland China is also being gradually implemented.

In terms of projector light source application, LED light sources have the advantages of volume, energy saving, environmental protection and longevity. In recent years, more and more manufacturers have introduced or planned to introduce LED light source technology into projectors. Although initially limited by LED brightness, only smaller pico projectors use LED light sources. However, with the advancement of LED technology and the improvement of brightness, it is expected that more portable projectors will be introduced into LED light sources in the second half of 2011, opening up new markets for LED applications.

As for the backlight application, LEDinside said that although the performance of the second half of 2010 was affected by the adjustment of the inventory of the TV brand factory, and the factors such as the year-end inventory count and the depreciation of the US dollar in the fourth quarter, the domestic LED manufacturers' revenue in the fourth quarter was higher than that in the previous quarter. The recession is 20%-30%. However, as manufacturers will launch a large number of tablet computers in 2011, and the current retail price of LED LCD TVs has been significantly reduced by half compared with the third quarter of 2009, this will help LED backlight TV in 2011. Permeability continues to climb.