Lighting orders stabilized in the new century Q3 rate of more than 80%

In the new century, the LED factory in Taiwan benefited from the adjustment of the product line. Under the stable lighting orders, the Q3 utilization rate rebounded sharply, and it was 80%-9%. In order to avoid the capacity competition of upstream epitaxial over-investment, the new century also spanned the flip-chip components, and TSMC solid-state lighting, which was transferred to TSMC, became the only two suppliers, and strived to turn profit in a single season.

At the beginning of the new century, the green LED chip was known as the green LED chip. The revenue ratio exceeded 30%. Since last year, the proportion of green LED has dropped below 5%. In addition to fully sprinting the blue LED chip, it began planning to cross the component market last year. It is hoped that barriers to entry will be established through the flip chip.

As for the second half of the year, is there a chance to turn profit in a single season? In the new century, the lighting order is no different from the peak season. In addition, the lunar calendar falls in January next year, and the time course is earlier. The downstream customers may pull the goods ahead of the fourth quarter. If the gross profit margin can be raised after the product line adjustment, the profit and loss statement should be greatly improved.

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