Lite-On Technology Plus Code Investment Crystal Optoelectronics Expands LED Capacity

Jingpin Optoelectronics, Lite-On Technology and China's TV manufacturer Konka jointly established Jingpin Optoelectronics, which has been officially introduced into mass production. In order to improve the production capacity of Jingpin Optoelectronic LED, Lite-On Technology has planned to increase capital investment and increase its shareholding.

Lite-On Technology said that as end-users' confidence in purchasing LED lamps has increased, the interest rate of LED supply chain manufacturers will also increase. In 2011, LED TV demand turned to a downturn. If only the bet LED backlight module is afraid to lower the interest rate, Guangbao Technology actively expands its LED lighting business. Observed that the LED market demand is expected to return to the market in 2012, the company will increase the code. Produce and invest in crystal products and more funds.

It is understood that in addition to mastering six major OEM customers, Guangbao Technology has received new orders for LED TV and LED lighting this year. Lite-On pointed out that at this stage, Lite-On Technology's monthly LED package shipments amounted to approximately 20 million. After the expected capacity expansion in the future, monthly shipments will increase again.

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