M&A into the normal state of Sanan integration to purchase 200 million US dollars to buy Huanyu equity

On March 11 (today), Sanan Optoelectronics announced that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Xiamen Sanan Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sanan Integration”) intends to total US$226,000,000 in its own currency funds. The price is combined with the British Cayman Islands Commercial Huanyu Semiconductor Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GCS” or “Huanyu”) to obtain the entire equity of GCS based on the fully diluted basis, including but not limited to the issued ordinary shares (including restricted employees). The rights of the new shares), the convertible corporate bonds after the full conversion of the issued shares and the employee stock options issued after the full exercise of the shares, the two sides signed the "letter of intent."

Sanan Integration and Huanyu agreed to enter into a merger contract by March 31, 2016, based on the total transaction price agreed upon in this letter of intent and the terms of further agreement between the parties.

Announcement shows that Huanyu was founded in 1997 in Torun, California, USA, and listed on the counter counter trading center in Taiwan (code 4991), mainly engaged in gallium arsenide / indium phosphide / gallium nitride high-order RF and optoelectronic compound semiconductor crystal The company specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of OEM, related intellectual property rights and advanced optoelectronic products, providing a full range of services from product concept, technology research and development, product trial production to mass production.

Sanan Integration said that the GCS of this investment merger is in line with the company's development planning layout. After the completion of the merger, it can quickly drive Sanan's technical level and patent platform across RF communication and optical communication components, advanced international management concepts, and a broad international customer network. The company's existing business technology and production capacity complement each other, providing strong guarantee for the company's IC to rapidly upgrade its technical capabilities, expand its new business scope and open up domestic and overseas markets; it will help accelerate the development of the company's integrated circuit business and expand its business scope and scale. To improve the company's profitability, enhance the company's core competitiveness, and realize the benefits of returning shareholders as soon as possible.

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