Mango TV set-top box model exposure integrated "mango + Youku" content

In recent years, almost all video sites are undergoing a "soft-to-hard" transition and actively deploy hardware terminals. In August 2016, the news of Mango TV's advancement into the hardware industry sparked a wave of turbulence in the OTT industry. It was regretted that it was too late, and some people called it "the dream of TV people." Today, six months later, we are finally delighted to see relevant information on mango set-top boxes on the China Quality Certification Center website.
Mango TV TV set-top box model exposure

According to the information displayed on the China Quality Certification Center website, Mango will release three different models of set-top boxes in the near future, namely MGTV-01, MGTV-H1 and MGTV-L1. With limited information currently available, it is difficult to infer the information on the hardware configuration of these three mango set-top boxes, but it can be basically confirmed that the three products will be targeted at different consumer groups. According to information released by the former vice president of Mango TV, or TV box products that will have 5999 and 9999 yuan, these "high price" boxes may include such premium gifts as happy camp tickets and round-trip tickets. This is obviously tempting for the loyal fans of Mango TV.

MUI is the highlight of Mango TV set-top box

Of course, as an audio-visual entertainment terminal for ordinary families, only a small number of fans cannot survive in the market. The unique design style, mainstream built-in chips, and massive quality content are all indispensable elements of an outstanding product. The previously announced “Made for Television” MUI system is a feature of the Mango set-top box.

This MUI system is based on TVOS. It is independently developed by Mango TV. It has features such as "accompanying company, lazy interaction, and revisiting." The user can turn on the TV and enter the watch page. Not only can they dynamically reconfigure the channel according to the user's habits, but also support the system. Live broadcast and other unique viewing modes. In addition, Mango TV adopts a more open attitude towards users and partners. Its content is not limited to the exclusive content of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. All major legal video software and websites are free to enter. Users can also pass third parties on their own. The platform acquires various types of network resources.

"Mango + Youku" has obvious advantages in content integration

In terms of content, it is worth mentioning that Mango TV reached a strategic cooperation with Ali Family Entertainment at the end of last year. The mango Internet TV broadcast control license in the cooperation model of the two parties will integrate “Mango + Youku” content as the Hunan Broadcasting Media’s “ "Parents", such treatment has made Mango TV hardware products have obvious advantages in terms of content. In order to coordinate with the content system, the two parties will also open up the membership system and advertising system and jointly launch a large-screen membership level--Diamond Super-member, which will include the rights of Mango TV's full-screen video members and Youku TV's diamonds.

As the first set-top box product released by Mango TV in 2017, it will shoulder the heavy responsibility of Mango TV from the content producer to the hardware terminal. Behind the Hunan Broadcasting and Television, Ali family entertainment around will also be a powerful force for mango TV to enter the hardware field. Mango Whether or not TV can stage its legendary success will continue to focus on the sofa butler network.

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