Marvell: User experience is the core competitiveness of smart TV

At present, smart TV products are developing into three major forms - TV, set-top box and smart TV stick. The future of smart TV will become more diversified, and the ecosystem of smart TV will be more mature and perfect. This year, Internet companies and content providers have entered the TV market, which is a very good thing for the development of smart TV industry. This means that the screen is becoming a family terminal market that major companies are chasing.

Liu Shaozhong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Marvell, International Electronic Business

Marshall Senior Product Marketing Manager Liu Shaozhong

This year, domestic manufacturers are multi-faceted. No matter which innovation model is adopted, they will eventually achieve a long-term development and profit model. If you focus on long-term development, you can't rely solely on low-cost strategies. The key is to have a good user experience. Nowadays, Internet vendors have entered the field of smart TV and have a strong role in promoting the development of the industry. The future demand model and user experience will bring new challenges.

At the same time, I believe that the hot spots and innovations of smart TV next year will also focus on the user experience and the global smart TV platform. As a home screen, how smart TV can better attract eyeballs and become the core of the living room has always been a key concern of the smart TV industry. For the screen, the HD experience has always been a hot spot for competition and innovation. Marvell's ARMADA 1500 solution supports 4K Ultra HD and Qdeo video post-processing technology to optimize and enhance picture quality, bringing an immersive audio and video experience.

In the future, Marvell will provide more interactive experiences and end-to-end solutions based on multi-core and 4K Ultra HD, including Marvell's innovation on the smart remote control platform. Marvell provides support for ZigBee technology and Bluetooth 4.0 in the smart remote control platform, providing more powerful interoperability, while gyroscope applications and low-power features bring a better user experience and longer for smart remotes. Lifetime, smart remote control will also become an important part of the smart TV user experience. At the same time, Marvell will combine technology with smart TV chip solutions to achieve interoperability and help smart TV become the experience center and interconnection center of the living room.

Next year Marvell will introduce an updated ARMADA 1500 series solution. In terms of processing power, the new ARMADA 1500 solution will bring more powerful CPU performance, DMIPS will be greatly improved, and the GPU will have more independent rendering channels, resulting in more optimized processing capabilities, whether it is a browser or All kinds of applications and games can run smoothly, bringing a great user experience.

In terms of rendering effect, ARMADA 1500 series solution adopts advanced multi-standard video decoding technology, which perfectly supports 4K*2K ultra-high definition video, supports H.265 technology, and lossless compression of ultra-high definition video. Marvell's unique Qdeo video processing technology is also applied during video post-processing, and the decoded video is fully optimized through effective scaling, noise reduction, progressive scanning, network video enhancement and FRC functions, bringing immersive Audio and video experience.

In terms of interconnection, based on the ARMADA 1500 series solution, mobile phones, tablets and PCs can be easily shared with smart TVs to realize multi-screen audio and video interactive experience.

Therefore, in the future, smart TV manufacturers need to pay more attention to the user experience and bring better products to users. At the same time, the entire smart TV industry needs to establish a platform and standards for generalization and globalization, and form a more complete and mature ecosystem, providing a good environment and platform for cooperation and innovation of all parties in the industry chain.

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