Mele M8 PLUS Voice Edition Installs Live TV Software via USB Flash Drive

Mele box M8 PLUS voice version installs the sofa butler via U disk, other models of Mele box can also refer to this tutorial.

Installation process 1 Enter the download APK Copy to U disk → 2U disk Insert the box, find the USB device → 3 Find my downloaded installation package → 4 Click Install

1. Baidu search for "sofa manager" into the sofa network, download the sofa butler package; or directly click the link ( to download the sofa butler package.

Copy the downloaded apk installation package to the U disk.

2. Insert the U disk into the Mele box, enter the file management - USB device, find the sofa butler package just copied in, click Install;

3. After the installation, you can open the sofa butler directly.

4, Mele box M8 PLUS voice version installed sofa butler successfully display interface.

If you still can not read the U disk, it is recommended to format the U disk to FAT32 format (if there are other contents in the U disk, export and then format), or try another U disk.

If the installation fails, restart the device and try again by following the steps (may be useful). Still have questions please add the official QQ group below.

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