Microsoft acquires touch technology vendor Perceptive Pixel

< p> On the evening of July 9, Beijing time, Microsoft (microblogging) CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) announced on Monday that Microsoft will acquire large-size touch screen manufacturer PercepTIve Pixel.

Ballmer announced the news at the World Development Conference (WPC) on Monday, but did not disclose specific transaction details, such as the purchase amount.

At the conference, Jeff Han, founder and chief technology officer of PercepTIve Pixel, also showed a full-wall touch screen, including map zoom, and switching between Windows 8 applications.

PercepTIve Pixel was founded in 2006 and launched the first multi-touch workstation and large-size touch screen in 2007.

Specific features of Grille Curtain LED display

What is grille curtain LED  Display Screen? grille curtain LED Display screen is made up of several pieces single led strip. It is a Led screen which looks like a grille and now become more and more popular among the LED industry. It can be called like strip Led screen. Since it shows us a hollowed-out , meshy visual effect, so Led Display experts also call it mesh LED screen. This type of Outdoor Led screen mainly apply for wall of outdoor, glass wall, top of buildings, Column ads and led Curtain and so on.

Cross-time design of grille curtain LED breaks the limitation of traditional LED display for buildings and walls, makes the assembly project easier and selective. Maybe that is the reason why it can be used widely among all the field. Now let`s CATA editor introduce some technical advantage and how it makes the led screen project easier.

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❶  Light weight and anti-wind

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❷  High energy efficiency and low consumption

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❸  High integrate design

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❹  IP67 protection level

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❺  easy assembly and maintenance

Outdoor LED Curtain Display

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