Millet TV 3 55-inch VS LeTV 3 X55 Who to choose?

At the end of September, LeTV, who had been lying for more than a year, finally released a third-generation super TV in Hong Kong. Six of them made it together and the fans hooked. In October, Xiaomi also ushered in a third-generation television product. Millet TV 3 also brought us many surprises. The two brands that are mutually dependent on each other are inevitably inferior in the field of smart TV. Today, the sofa forum Xiaobian selected the latest release of the millet TV 3 55 inches and music as the super X X55 some comparison, the price positioning the same, look at the same as 55 inches, Xiaomi and LeTV who should choose.


Millet TV 3 55-inch screen with all-metal body, the thinnest at only 9.9 mm, and the bending rate is reduced to less than 1.5 ,, can be described as everywhere ingenuity. LeTV 3 X55 uses an integrated seamless design, with a monochrome anodizing process plus sandblasting effect, so that the metal quality is more prominent, the appearance of the same design, but limited by the size and weight, Le Super 3 X55 in the actual use It is not convenient. Compared to the LeTV 3 X55, the millet TV 3 55-inch design is more sophisticated, 9.9mm ultra-thin design also increases its aesthetics, whether it is moving or installed it is very convenient.

Millet TV 3 55 inch split design, the TV is divided into screen + host. The host of Xiaomi TV 3 integrates the functions of audio, TV host, and millet box. The interface is all set on the host computer, original MiPort (rice noodle) is created, only one line is needed to connect the TV and the screen, making the back only one interface is very simple, and one Compared with smart TVs, split-type design is more practical, especially if a certain part of the TV breaks down or needs to be upgraded, only a small amount of cost can be used to replace part of it. If a certain part of LeTV 3X55 fails, it needs to be restarted. For a TV, the cost is higher.

Comments: Millet TV 3 55 inches both beautiful and practical, split-type design to lead the new trend of smart TV, MiPort interface design simplifies the smart TV connection operation, bid farewell to the clutter of disorderly wiring, the first-line connection is more neat.

Basic parameters

In terms of hardware configuration, the millet TV 3 55-inch is similar to the LeTV 3 X55, and the millet TV 3 55-inch is upgraded compared to the previous generation and supports Bluetooth 4.1, which is also better than the LeTV 3 X55; however, Millet TV 3 55 inch still does not support 3D, and many friends who want to watch 3D video may be disappointed again. However, the current 3D video resources are still not many, even if there are resources, basically also seen in the theater, so the 3D function is not too much. In addition to the above two points, the Xiaomi TV 55-inch and LeTV 3X55 are similar in hardware.

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