Millet TV RE double restore old tutorial

Since millet TV 2 was forcibly automatically upgraded during standby, various kinds of incompatibility: stuck, non-stop buffering. . . . . . See Tucao, learn to solve. In the pull of some prawn guides, individuals finally restored the TV to the old version 25.
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The first is to use the TV remote control to press the enter key to enter the shutdown mode.

After entering RE Shuangqing, it would be too hard to pull if you use the TV chin to go left 0.3 second right 3 seconds according to some rice flour. (It's smaller than the lottery.) So use the infrared remote control of my millet box. In the off state, often press the hut and set button, then point the TV chin boot. , enter the recovery

This began the Shuangqing system pull. (The left side of the TV chin is on the left and the right side is the bottom. Double click the chin is confirmed)

After Shuangqing, it is to resume the startup. (I am emptying all the above, all the applications installed on the TV will not be, I do not know which is the one to stay, please go to the drums yourself)

This will enter the restart screen. The first is the new version (that is, the 33 version is now used). The second is the old version. Select system 2 to restart, wait a short while to enter the millet TV, everything is to install the new machine is set to enter the version of the TV system.

The final step is to reinstall apps and search for TV shows. The final step is to reinstall apps and search for TV shows.

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