Millet TV straight down 700 yuan now or the best time to start

From July 25th to August 20th, Xiaomi TV held “with millet” at, the official flagship store of Tmall millet, the official flagship store of Jingdong millet, the official online flagship of Suning millet, and the home of millet. Look at the Olympic Games, 4K TV straight down 700 yuan "large-scale promotional activities. The highest straight drop of 700 yuan is the largest decline in Xiaomi TV's history.

During the event, millet TV 3 60 inches straight down 700 yuan, for only 4299 yuan; millet TV 55 inches straight down 700 yuan, for only 3299 yuan; millet TV 3S 43 inches straight down 300 yuan, for only 1499 yuan; millet box 3 straight down 50 yuan, for only 249 yuan; millet box mini version straight down 20 yuan, for only 179 yuan. Direct profit users, value for money!

As the main force of this promotion, Xiaomi TV 3 55/60 inch is the new generation of next-generation smart TV released in October 2015. As the living room in the gold size 55 inches, millet TV 3.55 inch Samsung / LG true 4K screen, with flagship TV picture quality, resolution up to 3840 × 2160, resolution is 4 times the 1080p, has a wide viewing angle of 178 ° , 8ms response speed, built-in MStar 6A928 TV processor unique MACE-Pro4 UC + fourth-generation high-definition image engine, including a variety of image enhancement technology, the use of high color saturation technology, NTSC up to 85%, more realistic screen high. Built-in 6M60 independent flagship image processing chip, equipped with high-end dynamic compensation program, and supports MEMC motion compensation technology, effectively eliminates moving image smearing.

In addition to television, there are also well-received millet box 3 and millet box mini version also straight down 50 yuan and 20 yuan, priced at 249 yuan and 179 yuan.

Millet TV, millet box has been introduced since its launch, with a stylish appearance, powerful configuration capabilities, and massive content resources, currently has 15 million users, approaching 16 million users. Millet TV's ability to achieve such great results in just 4 years is inseparable from consumers' recognition of the quality and technology of Xiaomi TV. Millet TV launched the "watch the Olympics with Xiaomi, 4K TV down 700 yuan," the largest promotional event ever, the purpose is to use the lowest price feedback to consumers, the first to ignite the enthusiasm of the Summer Olympics, and watch the Olympics together with consumers. .

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