More energy efficient than LED lights Why Philips/Osram does not push electrodeless lights?

More Energy Saving Than LED Lamps Why Philips/Osram Doesn't Push Induction Lamps?

In the field of high power, LED products always have problems that they cannot overcome. Electrodeless lamps serve as substitutes and solve the problems that high-power LED products cannot overcome. Whenever this time, as one of the people who have witnessed the rise and development of electrodeless lamps, I always want to shout: "Even if there is no high-power LED, we still have electrodeless lamps."

Why Philips, Osram does not push the lamp?

It should be noted that electrodeless lamps, like LEDs, were born in the 1960s. Induction lamp is a great invention based on the theory of wireless energy transfer of the famous American inventor Nikola Tesla, which integrates power electronics, plasma science, and magnetic materials across several different disciplines. Electrodeless lamps and LEDs are like "companion twin brothers". They all have significant advantages such as energy saving and longevity. Electrodeless lamp has high frequency (2.65MHz) and low frequency (250KHz) according to the working frequency. High frequency is invented by Philips, generally spherical, olive-based; low frequency is invented by Osram, generally based on the ring, rectangular-based. The initial electrodeless lamp is not mature, the maximum power of the high-frequency electrodeless lamp is only 165W, the maximum power of the low-frequency electrodeless lamp is 150W, and the two largest lighting companies in the world do not push the electrodeless lamp as the main product. The reasons are: 1, the application of the product is relatively narrow, the main power is concentrated in the 80-160W, unlike the metal halide lamp, sodium lamp is as small as 35W to 10000W; 2, the light efficiency is not particularly high, 80-90LM / W, Similar to metal halide lamps, it is not as good as sodium lamps. 3. Due to the advantages of electrodeless lamps for energy saving and longevity, certain customers will certainly choose induction lamps. Therefore, sales of Philips, OSRAM's metal halide lamps and sodium lamps will be seriously affected, and huge investments will be made. The metal halide and sodium lamp production lines will become "scrap iron," which is a real loss to them.

Three Phases of Electrodeless Lamp Development in China

At present, global induction lamp production is mainly concentrated in China, which is consistent with the production environment of the entire lighting industry, mainly determined by our country’s industrial base, labor costs, market environment, etc., and the development of electrodeless lamps in China has experienced the following three Stages:

The first stage: the budding stage. Since the 1990s, Philips and OSRAM have introduced electrodeless lamp products. Due to the problems of stability, efficiency, and longevity of the products at that time, they also considered that electrodeless lamps might have an impact on their large and core HID production and sales systems, and therefore they were not promoted. The electrodeless lamp of Philips is the prototype of high-frequency electrodeless lamp. The luminous efficiency of the product is too low. It has basically been delisted. There are manufacturers in the country but it is basically a transitional technology. The electrodeless lamp introduced by Osram is now the low-frequency electrodeless lamp. As for the prototype, domestic companies producing low-frequency electrodeless lamps have all developed on this basis. OSRAM now has this product, but it has not been produced yet, and it is manufactured by domestic companies.

The second stage: the stage of hegemony. From 2004 to 2008, domestic enterprises began to involve the production of low-frequency electrodeless lamps, including Shanghai Hongyuan and Fujian Yuanguang Yaming. Others include Shidan Dachang, Oblelet, Changhong, Fengyun, and Nine. Chau, Gem, Sonny, Jie Jie, Lang Lai Fu, Pratt, Guan Hong and many other brands, do high-frequency, do low-frequency, and a time the market unprecedented prosperity.

With the passage of time, the quality of many electrodeless lamps has become a problem. In fact, this is not the problem of electrodeless lamps. Electrodeless lamp technology has a high threshold, and these companies, as well as single ballasts and single lamps, purchase other accessories and accessories in the market. This phenomenon is just like the current LED industry. However, the electrodeless lamp and the LED are not the same place, the electrodeless lamp is an engineering product, can not be used for home, so the quality and stability of the product can not survive in the market, so many technically flawed companies have fallen, this There is a fundamental difference between the LED market and the "bad money drives out good money." In the electrodeless lamp market, there is no reliable product that cannot survive at all.

The third stage: the industry reshuffle stage. Since 2008, with the survival of the fittest and the elimination of the market, there are not many electrodeless lamp companies in the market. They have the ability to continue to develop even less, and they are able to survive the strong lamp lamp brands, and now the rest of the brand There are also electricians, Shanghai Hongyuan, Fujian Yuanguang Yaming, Changzhou Kaisen, Zhejiang Kaiyuan and so on. The above-mentioned enterprises such as Sonny, Sidendong, Langlaifu and others have already withdrawn from the historical stage of the development of electrodeless lamps.

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