More than 600 lighting and power companies gather LED general lighting drive technology seminar

Not long ago, the "second LED lighting technology seminar" network hit rate of 100,000, in just two weeks, the number of participating companies reached more than 200, the meeting became the focus of the LED industry. Today, the reporter learned from the conference organizer Dabit that more than 450 lighting and power companies have signed up for the conference. It is expected that at the meeting on October 21-22, the number of participating companies will reach more than 600. The number of people is around 1,000.

From the registration situation, more than 450 large-scale lighting and power companies such as OSRAM, Op Lighting, NVC, Qinshang Optoelectronics, Jiufo Electric and Dongsong Sanxiong all signed up for the conference. Many applicants indicated that the first LED drive technology seminar was the most tiered, professional and largest seminar in the industry. The conference had a profound impact on the development of the enterprise and even the lighting industry. The second session invited NS. 15 famous domestic and foreign manufacturers such as PI and Infineon were present at the conference, which made the lighting company's participation enthusiasm unprecedentedly high, and at the same time full of confidence in the meeting. For the second LED seminar, LED general-purpose lighting driving technology is the leading factor, and the hot topics such as heat dissipation and dimming are discussed. Philips and other lighting companies said that the problems of heat dissipation and dimming are urgent problems for lighting companies. I hope that through the introduction of the on-site speech company, I will absorb the latest solutions for heat dissipation. Companies such as OSRAM International Purchasing Center expressed the hope to increase the understanding of suppliers such as drive power and components, and to select the best matching technology for enterprise product development. And products. Many participating companies expressed their hope to communicate with more than 1,000 engineers on site and on-site product demonstrations to solve problems in product development and find more optimized design ideas.

It is understood that on the basis of the successful convening of the first LED drive technology seminar, the organizers specially invited 15 representative manufacturers from abroad, Hong Kong and Taiwan and China to participate in technical speeches in preparation for this session. Including foreign program providers NS, PI, Infineon, MPS, domestic solution providers SILAN, Maxictech, Bpsemi, Hong Kong and Taiwan solution providers Solomon-systech, Mblock, device solutions firm Murata, Sunlordinc, and test solutions vendors Lecroy, Chroma and so on. Lighting enterprise engineers pointed out that this session is currently the most comprehensive and comprehensive LED professional conference in the Asia-Pacific region, providing R&D engineers with a platform for different cost-effective LED lighting driver product selection. According to reports, this session will involve technical solutions, LED lighting components technology, LED testing technology solutions and on-site product demonstrations to meet and solve the needs and problems in the lighting enterprise R & D work.

Big Bit said that all lighting and power engineers can participate free of charge, and LED lighting R&D and technical engineers can enjoy the hotel buffet Chinese food for free. At the same time, all the audiences of the two-day conference can participate in the sweepstakes, and the prizes are very rich, including beautiful gifts such as tablet computers, digital photo frames and mobile hard drives. The organizer warmly reminds you that the registration method is as follows:

1. Register online through the official website http://, fill in the contact information of the participants, click submit, or you can download the registration directly on the official website of the event. Form" to register;

2. Through the invitation letter issued by the Organizing Committee of the event organizer, click the “Register Now” button to register online;

3, you can also call directly (special line 020-37880732 Miss Ye) or mail () to register.