Multi-channel calling device circuit and production principle

This device is mainly used in hospital wards, hotels and so on. The figure shows the electrical schematic diagram, and the components in the dashed box form a call device. Among them, SK2-5 is set up according to the bed. If you need to expand the device into multiple channels, just connect the circuit in the dotted line frame and connect it along the two points of AB.

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At Christmas it is nice, in addition to the tree decorated with
 large and colorful Christmas balls, to surround yourself with 
decorations with Christmas motifs to be distributed around the house. 

Create the right atmosphere with this led light garland.

Christmas Motif Lights

Portable & Versatile
1.The item have a base and could stand on anywhere.
2.Integrated hanging hook holes for ease of display on wall or just rest on mantle, self, table or dresser.
3.Can be displayed standalone or combined with other pieces to create an eclectic lighting installation.
3.Create a whimsy showpiece on the cake or candy table during the Wedding.

Led Motif Light

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