Multiplayer sandbox game "Toybox" will land Touch for free

Oculus officially announced that its highly anticipated multiplayer sandbox game "Toybox", which was created exclusively for the display of Oculus Touch motion controllers, will be available to all Touch users for free after release.

Toybox game interface

The Oculus Touch's debut was at a special event before the 2015 E3 game show. It also released its final retail design, and also impressed everyone at the next game exposition. But at that time, the software supported by Oculus Touch was still in its early stages.

In the backstage booth at the Oculus E3 booth, only one application was demonstrated to demonstrate the Oculus Touch and its performance. Unsurprisingly, Toybox is a barebones application full of lifelike physical models. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey describes it as "programming art" (a simple, flat 3D object ). In the demonstration, two players participated in the experience at the same time, each occupying an independent "room-scale" booth and equipped with two Oculus sensors.

Players can join each other through the network system and communicate with each other through the built-in microphone of Oculus Rift. In the game, you can stack wood, use reduced rays, use ping-pong balls, fireworks, and slingshots. The name "Toybox" is indeed worthy of the name, but more importantly, it can be very effective in displaying accurate Oculus Half Moon controller prototypes supported by an external program "Constellation" tracking system as Oculus Rift. Sex and effectiveness.

"Toybox" is so popular that when the HTC Vive first launched at GDC earlier this year, it provided its extremely shocking room-scale tracking system with its precise SteamVR motion controller. In the long process of answering Oculus' perception of VR hands, everything is worth it.

Now that the shipment time of Oculus Touch is scheduled to arrive on December 6th, the question remains, "Toybox" will continue to be a demonstration application for the exhibition, or that after the users receive the Oculus Touch Opportunity experience?

A few days ago, Jason Rubin (Jason Rubin), the content manager of Oculus, clarified the status of Touch free content on Twitter, and it seemed to inadvertently reveal that "Toybox" would indeed appear when the Oculus was released. However, it is still unclear whether this is an official statement or an error committed by Rubin. Therefore, after seeking clarification from Oculus, they indicated that Rubin’s information on Twitter was accurate and that Toybox would be combined with Dead & Buried (Underground), Oculus Medium, and First Contact (“ The first contact "), "Oculus Quill", "Robo Recall" ("Mechanical Reloading") and "The Unspoken" ("The Unspeaker") together, together as a companion to the Oculus Touch subscription user.

Jason Rubin's Twitter

After seeing the free content that Touch users are about to enjoy, it's hard to say that Oculus is not trying to attract people who are still on the wait-and-see approach to investing in the Oculus motion controller.

Ben Lang also conducted an in-depth analysis of Oculus's stunning virtual sculpture and modeling application "Oculus Medium." Subsequently, after shipment of Oculus Touch, it will conduct a comprehensive and detailed evaluation.

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