Nanchang creates the third "core" of LED lighting in the world. Industry revenue will reach 50 billion in 2020.

The various halls of Nanchang Metro Line 1 are bright and soft, giving a refreshing and comfortable visual enjoyment. You may not know that the lighting of the public areas of the entire Metro Line 1 is based on energy-saving and environmentally-friendly silicon-based LED technology, all of which are “made by Nanchang”.

Taking full advantage of the advantages of silicon substrate LED technology, Nanchang City will set up the Municipal Photovoltaic Industry Research Institute and the national testing center to accelerate the construction of the Nanchang LED Industry Innovation Demonstration Park, further improve the layout of the electronic information industry, and strive to create “Nanchang Optical Valley”.

On January 8th, at the National Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing, the “High-efficiency GaN-based Blue Light-Emitting Diode on Silicon Substrate” project won the first prize of National Technology Invention, marking the historic leap of Jiangxi's scientific and technological development. .

This is an exciting news for the LED industry. The breakthrough in the research on the LED technology of the silicon substrate in Nanchang has broken the pattern of the monochromatic LED technology route of the Japanese sapphire substrate and the US silicon carbide substrate, creating the world's third technical route, which is quite good in the LED industry. It has become the backbone of China's "intellectual creation."

Nanchang is a national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization base and a national “Ten City Wanhao” semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot city, which plays an important role in the domestic LED industry.

Data show that in 2014, Nanchang LED industry achieved a main business income of 3 billion yuan. In 2015, with the accelerated production of a number of projects such as Zhaochi Electronics and Hongli Optoelectronics, and the accelerated development of leading enterprises such as Jingneng Optoelectronics and Jingrui Optoelectronics, Nanchang LED industry's main business revenue reached 5 billion. yuan.

As one of the earliest regions engaged in LED R&D and production in China, Nanchang has a relatively strong industrial base, forming a relatively complete LED industry chain, with a high-quality R&D and management team and a group of skilled industrial and technical workers. It is also the carrier of research and development and industrialization of silicon-based LED technology in Jiangxi Province. The continuous accumulation of technology, talents, resources and industries has made Nanchang a “grain land” for the LED industry in the country and the world.

Create "Nanchang Optical Valley"

Construction of LED industry base

A blueprint for creating a “Nanchang Optical Valley” is inspiring in Jiangxi. Jiangxi Province issued the "Implementation Plan for Building Nanchang Optical Valley and Building Jiangxi LED Industrial Base", and proposed to focus on strengthening the industrial scale and enhancing core competitiveness, focusing on key technologies, key areas and key applications, and making Nanchang a national LED Optical Valley has built Jiangxi into a leading national R&D, manufacturing and application base for LED industry chain with international core competitiveness, forming and strengthening industrial scale advantages, industrial system advantages and industrial technology advantages.

By 2020, the province's LED industry's main business income will quadruple on the basis of 2015, the total amount of more than 100 billion yuan, and strive to account for 15% of the national total. Among them, Nanchang should reach 50 billion yuan, accounting for 50% of the province's LED industry.

"Nanchang Optical Valley"

Ladder distribution, radiation nationwide

In March of this year, Nanchang City reviewed and approved the “Several Policies on Building Nanchang Optical Valley and Promoting the Development of LED Industry”, and proposed to build “Liangnan Nanchang Optical Valley” as the core area, with Nanchang High-tech Zone and Lingkong Economic Zone as the core areas. Nanchang Economic Development Zone, Qingshan Lake District and Jinxian County are the extension areas, with Ji'an, Pingxiang and Xinyu as the radiation areas, the distribution of the cascades, and the regional distribution of the final radiation.

The high-tech zone will focus on the development of key core technologies such as silicon substrate LED chips and MOCVD equipment, as well as supporting the development of production equipment, raw materials, brackets, optical components and other midstream products.

The Airport Economic Zone will focus on promoting the development of LED listed enterprise clusters, creating a leading industrial cluster with obvious actions and coordinated development of the upper, middle and lower reaches.

Nanchang Economic Development Zone focuses on the development of key supporting materials for LED industry such as MO source. Qingshan Lake District and Jinxian County will focus on developing device packaging and application products to build a device packaging base and application product production base.

“Nanchang High-tech Zone will vigorously develop the photovoltaic photovoltaic industry and build the core area of ​​“Nanchang Optics Valley” in the middle of the country.” The staff of the high-tech zone will introduce the next step, the high-tech zone will take the opportunity of creating “Nanchang Optics Valley” to accelerate the construction under construction. While talking about the project, we will aim at domestic and foreign first-class enterprises and cutting-edge technologies, highlighting the construction of chains, replenishing chains, and strengthening the chain, and introducing projects such as LED application products, touch products, cluster circuits, and high-end photovoltaic products to promote the industrial chain to high-end. Deep extension.

Strive to be the six major projects

Settled in the core area of ​​Optics Valley

In Nanchang, the MO source of Jiayin Optoelectronics, epitaxial wafers and chips of Jingneng Optoelectronics, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Xinlei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and the epitaxial furnace (MOCVD) of Nanchang Huanglv Lighting Co., Ltd. have been formed as upstream products. Chip packaging of Ruiguang Optoelectronics, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Zhaochi Electronics, Hongli Optoelectronics (under construction) and other companies are midstream products, Jinghe Lighting, Shenan Energy Saving Lighting, Xieneng Optoelectronics, Lianchuang Boya, Hengming Technology, Yuxin Technology Such as the company's light source, lamps, LED display, Lianchuang Zhiguang mobile phone backlight and other downstream products, Hongsen Gaoke Optoelectronics LED bracket is a relatively complete industrial chain of supporting products.

“Nanchang Optics Valley” focuses on the introduction of LED industry systems such as upstream chips, midstream packaging and downstream applications. According to reports, the company is actively tracking the investment of 3 billion yuan in the power crystal 8-inch wafer project, actively docking the Chinese Academy of Sciences-led "璀璨 plan", and strive to quickly test the life of LED products, environmental protection standards in the LED manufacturing process, LED in the facility Six major projects, such as agricultural applications, LED displays, crystal growth furnaces, high-power density lamps and long-distance lighting, have settled in the core area of ​​Optics Valley.

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