Narrow the gap between reality and imagination, robots and people dance together

Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Although the robot industry is developing rapidly and has broad prospects, there is still a certain gap between the actual products produced and the expectations of people. Industry experts pointed out that in the future, the revolutionary breakthrough of the robot industry will be supported by a more open industrial collaboration ecosystem. The more open the platform, the closer the robotics and industrial revolution will be to us.

Robots may best reflect the huge gap between full imagination and bone reality. The robots in all kinds of sci-fi cartoons are smart, versatile and even super-powerful, and represent the world's top level of "real-world robots", but they are often slow or even stunned, and the feeling of "staying cute" is coming. .


How to make the technological progress change from quantitative to qualitative, and truly detonate the potential of the personal robot market? Recently, at the 2015 Robot World Cup Industry Summit with the theme of “Robot Dreaming and Sailing”, experts and business people from the world robot industry gathered to discuss issues related to accelerating intelligent robot innovation. Everyone agrees to build a more open ecosystem of industrial collaboration, because the more open the platform, the closer the robotics and industrial revolution will be to us.

Openness means collaboration between different technology fields

As Chairman of the International Federation of Robot World Cups, Noda Fifty Tree mentioned the benefits of collaboration between different technical fields for the development of robotics. He said that in the past, the two fields of artificial intelligence and robotics were independent, and artificial intelligence focused more on brain thinking. In the more than 10 years since the emergence of the Robot World Cup, the two fields have been well combined in the competition, making the robot more flexible and allowing more types of first-aid and home robots to appear. “Now, robots also combine the hot concepts of cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. If we can continue to share our dreams, this will be a new beginning.”

Openness means collaboration between different countries and companies

“We must build an open platform to encourage people to innovate.” Ni Jianan, general manager of Intel’s Robotics Innovation Center, said that the robotics industry needs interdisciplinary and inter-departmental cooperation, as well as government support, academic research and manufacturers. The participation can only promote the overall growth of the robot market.

Ni Jianan believes that no company can independently seize this opportunity and promote the development of the entire industry. Through the cooperation of the entire ecosystem, we can break through the four key technologies of computing, vision, voice and drive, so that robots have better capabilities to communicate and move in a more natural way, so that robots can start from the ability to perceive. With the ability to recognize, understand and recognize, the image of intelligent robots in movies becomes an reality.

Openness means collaboration between business and society as a whole

Yu Jidong, general manager of the cloud platform business unit of Keda Xunfei Company, introduced that the company has released its own voice technology to the Internet since 2010. In the past four and a half years, the rapid development of the speech recognition technology of the University of Science and Technology has been inseparable. The participation of netizens. “The accumulation of large amounts of data in the background makes the robot more intelligent. When Xunfei Voice was released in 2010, the recognition rate of online technology was only 60%, 80% after half a year, and later reached 95%. Now, on our voice interactive platform, every day. There are 20 million users, contributing 160 million voice interactions.” Yu Jidong said that in addition to the continuous opening of voice technology, HKUST has also opened non-voice interaction technologies such as face recognition last year, and launched the “Xunfei Super Brain Project”. I hope that robots can move from semantic understanding to intelligent dialogue, to intelligent decision-making and even discover innovation to promote the cognitive revolution and let the robot era come quickly.

Openness means collaboration between emerging technologies and traditional industries

Yang Qiang, a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the chairman of the 2015 International Artificial Intelligence Conference, believes that the now hot "Internet + traditional industry" will develop into "artificial intelligence + traditional industries" in the future. Machine learning is inseparable from big data, and huge data contains a lot of knowledge. Knowledge can be mined to provide new services. The deep connection between the Internet and the traditional industry is inseparable from artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can help us understand individuals, form a huge knowledge map, and meet the various needs of users' search, dissemination and integration. "The connection between the deep and sticky Internet and the traditional industry is inseparable from artificial intelligence. The traditional industry plus artificial intelligence will eventually provide service robots from all walks of life." Yang Qiang said.

Openness also means collaboration between humans and robots

Maruna Veloso, President of the International Federation of Artificial Intelligence, presented the robots developed by his research team at the industry summit. The robot's "legs" are a set of pulleys, and the upper body is a sensor and notebook with no arms. When it comes to the door, it will use an electronic accent to find the nearest person to open the door. “Even if these robots have arms, they don’t necessarily catch anything. So I decided to let them be completely autonomous and developed a robotic model of 'seeking help’.” Maruna said that the robot is powerful. It can transport parcels and receive guests. It has been in the office building for several years and has never failed. “90% of the tasks are completed by themselves, and 10% can seek help. Such help can help robots better. Future robots will have the ability to learn independently, to seek help from humans, to complete tasks or gain through human-computer interaction. skill."

The fascinating robotics industry is attracting a lot of money, technology and talent. When will the revolutionary breakthrough of robots come? It depends on how open the industry platform is and how deep the cooperation is!

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