NDRC Says Step-by-Step Adjustment of Tariff Classification Structure

NDRC Says Step-by-Step Adjustment of Tariff Classification Structure The National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice and decided to gradually adjust the classification structure of sales price and regulate the scope of application of various types of sales price.

The notice proposes to gradually adjust the classification structure of the sales price, classify the current classification based on the industry and use, and gradually adjust it to the main classification based on the characteristics of the use of electricity load. The existing resident life, non-residential lighting, commercial, non-industrial, general industrial, and large The eight major categories of sales prices, such as industrial and agricultural electricity prices, are gradually merged into the three categories of electricity consumption for residential life, agricultural production, industry and commerce, and other electricity prices. Each category is then divided by the characteristics of electricity load.

Notification requirements, to further standardize the scope of various types of sales price, a clear will perform live electricity prices residential areas of urban and rural residents in public facilities affiliated electricity, school teaching and student living electricity, social welfare spaces, neighborhood services, electricity and other facilities; the Agriculture, forest cultivation and planting, animal husbandry and fishery production, agricultural irrigation, initial processing of agricultural products, etc. use electricity to implement electricity prices for agricultural production; rural drinking water safety projects supply electricity and electricity, and the provincial-level price department decides to implement household life or agricultural production. Electricity prices.

The circular stressed promote sales price classification structure adjustment, standardize various price scope, related to the adjustment of interests between the power user, the impact is wide, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) pricing department is estimated to be thorough and meticulous, careful analysis of the various types of The impact of power users and grid companies is positive, steady, and gradual, ensuring a smooth transition.

The analysis of relevant experts, the promotion of simplified sales price classification reform, the establishment of a clear structural structure, reasonable prices, and reasonable sales price classification structure system, will help promote fair burden, reduce cross-subsidies and promote the fair burden of power users; according to the voltage under different classifications sub-file level pricing, in favor of a more scientifically reflect the different electricity characteristics and differences in power supply costs, greater price signals play a role in regulating market supply and demand; and expand the scope of life of residents and agricultural production of electricity, reduce social welfare workplace, community neighborhood service facilities, urban and rural residential areas affiliated public facilities, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery production unit electricity costs each year about 30 billion yuan.

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