New research on LED materials: single layer of arsenene and terpene after graphene, who is the next new

The LED lights that can be bought in the market, although the power consumption is only 6% of the incandescent lamps, the service life is more than 50,000 hours, but the price is ten times and dozens of times, so that the LED lights cannot easily enter the ordinary. The home of the people. The author learned from Nanjing University of Science and Technology that the recent research progress of the new two-dimensional semiconductors obtained by the school is expected to create new materials and greatly reduce the production cost of LED lamps.

LED lights have high brightness, low power consumption, no radiation, no toxic components, and can be used by solar energy in areas not covered by the power grid. Today, when the earth's resources are tight and environmental pollution is serious, it is of great significance to all mankind. The basic structure of the LED is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, and the main material currently used for production is gallium nitride. Such semiconductor materials that require vacuum high temperature preparation are expensive, which is an important reason for the high price of LED lamps and their inability to promote.

According to Zeng Haibo, director of the Institute of Nano-optoelectronic Materials, the new low-cost materials are the focus of research and development at home and abroad. In recent years, new materials such as graphene, which are widely used in the past, have shown excellent performance and are very suitable for manufacturing information and energy devices including LEDs. However, these new materials also have fatal shortcomings - metal or semi-metal properties, and the materials used for production must have semiconductor properties. How to change the properties of these materials has become a bottleneck for the material science community.

The new materials designed by South Polytechnics, Arsenene and Antimonene, are only one atom thick and have semiconducting properties. This ultra-thin material has strong stability, superior performance and wide application prospects. Director Zeng introduced that LED manufacturing is only one aspect of the application of this new material, and the replacement of silicon will have greater application value. Silicon is currently the main manufacturing material for computers and mobile phone chips (integrated circuits). However, with the advancement of modern science and technology, the density of transistors on integrated circuits is getting larger and larger, and the increase in density is becoming more and more difficult. The limit of its application size is reached, while the new two-dimensional material breaks this limitation of silicon. For example, nowadays, the popular wearable devices such as Google Glass and Smart Health Bracelet are still based on silicon. Once the new materials are used in applications, these wearable devices will not only improve their performance, but also be lighter and smaller, and the price will be Will be more close to the people.

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