Nut G3, polar meter CC, cool music as S3 contrast, which is better?

A few years ago, projection had always been synonymous with commercial projection. It was then difficult to imagine that projection could be a direct replacement for home TVs today. Today, more and more users are beginning to build their own home theaters at home, and they can enjoy cinematic audio-visual experience without leaving the house. Looking at the current home projection market, the three brands most popular among consumers are nuts, polar rice, and cool music, and most of the three smart projection brands have the best sales of around 3,000 yuan. 3,000 yuan this price if you choose traditional TV, but also buy up to 55 inches, and if you choose home smart projection, then cast 100 inches is also properly. Recently, nuts, rice, and cool music have all launched their own new projection products, namely the nuts G3, the polar meters CC and the cool music as the S3. These three smart products are similar in price, but in the end how to choose? Take a look at this article to get the answer.


The three smart projections vary in appearance. Cool LeTV S3 uses a full metal mesh box plus 2.5D curved cover on the square design, pole meter CC uses a metal cube mobile appearance, nut G3 continues G sleek styling, which is more beautiful, in fact It varies from person to person and it is difficult to have a standard.

Performance parameters:

The C-meter CC is equipped with the MSD6A638 Cortex-A53 processor in the hardware, and the GPU is the Mali-T720MP2. The nut G3 uses the AmlogicT866 quad-core processor and the 8-core Mali450-MP4 display chip. Finally, the Cool-Like S3 adopts the new 64-bit. CortexA53 CPU, Mali-T720 GPU, from the parameters, the performance of the three projections should be similar, for users should be able to fully meet the needs of the viewing.


Cool LeTV S3 and nuts G3 use the same 0.45-inch 1280 * 800pDMD chip, pole meter CC is a 0.3-inch 1280 * 720pDMD chip, all support 4K decoding, 3D high-definition video playback.


The brightness of the meter CC is 350 ANSI lumens, the brightness of the nut G3 is 1000 ANSI lumens, and the brightness of the Cool LeTV S3 is the highest, which is 1081 ANSI lumens. Cooper has passed the “National Audio Video Center” notarized brightness, so from the parameters, the nut G3 And cool music as the brightness of the S3 is much brighter than the meter meters CC, if you want to use during the day, then give up the meter meter CC, the brightness is too low.

Focus mode:

A very useful function of autofocus, after all, each time you use the projector also need to refocus, too much trouble, if you have the auto focus function, it is much easier. Extreme meters, nuts and cool music as the three smart projection, only cool music as the S3 is equipped with an auto-focus system, the focus can be completed in 3-5 seconds. The pole meter CC and the nut G3 both require manual focusing, which is relatively troublesome.

Projection installation:

Nuts, polar rice and cool music as the upper and lower trapezoidal correction are supported, can be cast, rear projection, ceiling use, but the size of the pole meters CC feel more. In addition, cool music as the S3 also supports wall-mounted reflective projection, support posted on the wall projection.

Sound quality:

Nut G3 built-in HIFI audio, after 180 days of training, treble sweet, medium quasi, bass deep.

Polar meters CC hand in hand with the world-famous audio brand JBL, using 40mm dual speaker unit + bass passive diaphragm, slider, CC turned into a sound.

Cool Music regards S3 as cooperating with the famous audio brand Hivi, customizing a High-Fidelity high-fidelity unit with embedded virtual surround, bass enhancement and dialogue enhancement, and equipped with SPDIF digital coaxial output interface to losslessly output digital surround sound.

Content comparison:

JmGOOS, a collaboration between Nut G3 and iQIYI, also added many resources such as mango and Youku.

CC Meters CC contains nearly 3,000 movies provided by Mango TV, more than 100,000 episodes of TV dramas, a total of 300,000 hours of video content, and Baidu's massive music library resources. At the same time, hand in hand with 蜻蜓FM, listen to hundreds of radio stations.

Cool Music regards S3 as cooperating with GITV Galaxy TV, the country's seven largest licensed licensees, and is equipped with genuine APPs such as iQiyi and global broadcasts, and is updated in real time, bringing continuous improvement in the number of content and experience. In addition, S3 has also taken the lead in configuring the industry’s first The DTMB digital TV reception system allows free viewing of HDTVs without a network.

to sum up:

After all aspects of comparison, we should be able to fully understand the characteristics of the three different projections, nut G3 sound quality is slightly poor, but in terms of brightness, the content has a good performance; pole meter CC looks more like a speaker, the main Small fresh, but only 350 lumens in brightness, as a projection is slightly dim; Cool music as S3 appearance in general, but the actual performance has reached a higher level, such as 1081ANSI lumens, auto focus, hivi speakers and other functions will Gives users a very good viewing and listening experience.

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