Nuts two new products together force massive chart real show high face value!

JmGO Nuts recently released two new smart theater products. They are the X1 equipped with LED light sources and the S1 equipped with a laser light source. The hardware configuration of these two products is in the leading position in the industry, and consumers are most concerned about the value of color, Xiao Bian. Today will bring you a large number of new exquisite scene maps of nuts, you may wish to watch together.

Nut X1 exquisite scene map:

Nut S1 exquisite scene map:

Currently, the two projectors are already on the Nuts official website. The Nut X1 smart home theater sells for 4,999 yuan, the nuts S1 laser TV sells for 16,999 yuan (pre-sale), and the nuts S1 Pro sells for 2,199 yuan ( Presale).

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