NVC "contention" is now turning Wu Changjiang is willing to talk

The dispute between NVC Lighting Management and the employers has been turning for a long time. On July 14, the parties expressed their desire to hold talks through different channels.

Safran Asia founding partner said when he was connected, he would like to meet with Wu Changjiang to find out a solution to the current problem. At the same time, Wu Changjiang also said that in this incident, there may be misunderstandings between the parties, and he hopes to meet with Zhu Hai, CEO of Schneider China, to jointly deal with the current problems.

阎焱: I hope to resolve the dispute through negotiation.

On July 12, NVC Lighting held a closed-door meeting. The main appeal of NVC staff, distributors and suppliers was to invite Wu Changjiang to return to NVC Lighting Management. At that time, I did not reply. On July 13, he made a clear statement when he was connected. "It has never stopped Wu Changjiang from returning to NVC lighting."

At the closed meeting on July 12, NVC staff made a total of four requests to Schneider and Schneider: the first reorganization of the board of directors; second, to win more employee options; third, to let Wu Changjiang return to Lei as soon as possible Lighting work; fourth, let Schneider withdraw from NVC.

When he was connected, he said that there is still no solution to the dispute and it is necessary to negotiate with Wu Changjiang and Zhu Hai. He said that the three will definitely find a time to meet, but the time is still difficult to determine.

On the same day, through Weibo, he briefly described the cause of the incident. He pointed out that the situation that the “investors crowded out entrepreneurs” was not in line with the facts. He said that on May 23, he was in Hong Kong and suddenly received a phone call from Wu Changjiang. Wu said that he was asked by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to ask him to assist in the investigation. Wu Changjiang told me that others are already in Hong Kong. At the same time, Wu Changjiang nicknamed that there were insiders telling him to go abroad to hide. Therefore, Wu Changjiang decided not to return to China for the time being.

After receiving this news, he immediately notified the directors in Hong Kong and China and asked the Secretary-General and the lawyer Fuld to contact. Nickname, it was not clear at the time why Wu Changjiang was investigated. The lawyer told me that this is a sensitive and sensitive information that will affect the stock price and must be notified to the Stock Exchange as soon as possible. In view of Wu Changjiang being investigated and not returning to China in the short term, the lawyer informed Wu Changjiang that he has lost the ability to perform the legal duties of directors and senior executives and must resign from NVC Lighting. Later, the Secretary of the Board informed Wu Changjiang of the situation. Wu Changjiang agreed to resign and signed the resignation letter. The board of directors then held an ad hoc meeting to accept Wu Changjiang’s resignation and recommended Zhang Kaipeng, who was previously recognized by Wu Changjiang as a CEO from Schneider.

He said that all of this was done in accordance with the requirements of the listing guidelines and the opinions of lawyers, and informed Wu Changjiang. The current situation was caused by Wu Changjiang himself, saying that “investors crowded away the founders” did not match the facts.

However, he believes that the contradiction still needs to be resolved by means of talks. In an interview with the media, he said that he would like to resolve the issue of NVC lighting with a peaceful attitude.

Wu Changjiang: Mistaken meeting

At the same time, Wu Changjiang also expressed the willingness of the talks.

On July 13, Wu Changjiang accepted a collective interview with the media after lunch with NVC Lighting's employees, distributors and suppliers.

First of all, for the content of Weibo's Weibo, he said that the facts are ultimately facts, do not want to entangle too much, and do not want to refute, all said, I hope everyone can sit down and discuss the company's prospects. He pointed out: "Nothing can be talked about, no one should be too aggressive. To be good for shareholders, good employees, for the sake of customers, not for personal interests."

He said that he had long wanted to come back, but things in Hong Kong have not been processed. On July 7, he met with a carrier at a conference in Macau. Some dealers revealed his appeal to him. Wu Changjiang felt bad. Recently, when I was aware of the company's aftermath, I was particularly anxious and came back specifically. The current situation is what he does not want to see, and he feels very sad. He is not willing to give up the "brands and enterprises that the NVC people have worked hard for over 10 years."

Wu Changjiang said that the previous departure was related to his own physical reasons and is currently dealing with some things in Margin. For the solution to increase shareholding, Wu Changjiang believes that the support of the company's employees and supply and marketing channels does not depend on the number of shares held, but on what the leader will bring to the company.

Regarding the support of the employees, he said, "I understand the demands of the employees very much. The employees and my feelings are very deep, but I can't come back. I need a procedure to get back." Wu Changjiang said that he did not work in the company at present, and did not think about it. After the return to NVC's success rate. At present, he hopes that everyone will talk less and try to restrain.

Wu Changjiang pointed out that he and he both have their own strengths and personalities, and they have all succeeded. It is inevitable that there is no disagreement on the views of some issues, but in general, cooperation has been good for so many years, and getting along well is good. . At the same time, he said that the introduction of Schneider is to complement each other, share resources and achieve a win-win situation. He believes that this dispute may be a misunderstanding of the parties.

Wu Changjiang also revealed that after arriving in Chongqing on July 12, he first communicated with relevant government departments. The government welcomed him to invest in Chongqing and hoped that he would deal with the crisis as soon as possible. On July 12, Wu Changjiang and Zhu Hai talked. Both sides felt that they were very sad about the current situation. I hope that the three parties can discuss in detail when they meet.

He said that everyone will sit down and talk in good faith, and it is no problem to deal with the current situation.

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