NVC Lighting employees continue to strike nationwide today

NVC's Chongqing headquarters, Wanzhou factory and Huizhou factory continued to strike today because NVC Lighting's board of directors did not respond to employees' demands. Employees said that they will continue to strike until the board has not responded.

Shi Yongjun, spokesperson for NVC Lighting, said that the management of the company had communicated with employees and dealers in detail, but the results were minimal, and employees did not agree to resume work. The next step was to see high-level communication.

It is understood that NVC Lighting founder Wu Changjiang arrived in Chongqing on the evening of July 12, and plans to meet with NVC executive directors, Schneider China President Zhu Hai and Saifu founding partner and NVC's current chairman. Meeting, but the progress of the negotiations has not been made public.

The reporter tried to contact Wu Changjiang and the commentator, but the phone numbers of both parties failed to be connected.

A netizen named "Support for NVC" broadcast live on the strike of NVC staff on Weibo. In addition to releasing photos of the strikes of NVC's production bases, it also announced the dynamics of some dealers. The dealers also hang banners such as "supporting the return of Wu" in the specialty store.

On July 12, a number of dealers participated in a closed-door meeting with the employers Saifu and Schneider. In addition to expressing the appeal of Wu Changjiang's return and the fact that the layman could not lead the insiders, he also hoped that two dealer representatives would enter the board of directors.

There are four main demands of employees: the first reorganization of the board of directors; the second, to strive for more employee options; the third, to let Wu Changjiang return to NVC as soon as possible; fourth, let Schneider withdraw from NVC.

On the strike behavior of employees, Wu Changjiang said at a communication meeting with several media on the 13th that he hopes that employees and dealers can solve the problem through normal channels and do not want to adopt excessive measures. He also said that he hopes that everyone will solve problems for the small and medium shareholders and employees, instead of venting their personal anger.

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