Panasonic develops the world's highest light-efficiency white OLED component

Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. announced on the 24th that its lighting subsidiary "Panasonic Corporation EcoSolutionsCompany" (hereinafter referred to as PCESC) has developed a white OLED component with the highest luminous efficiency in the world. Its luminous efficiency can reach 114lm/W under the illumination area of ​​1cm2. Even at a light-emitting area of ​​25 cm2, the luminous efficiency can reach 110 lm/W.

Matsushita said that in addition to high luminous efficiency, the white OLED components developed this time have also achieved the "long life" requirements, and their lifetime can reach more than 100,000 hours.

Panasonic pointed out that the OLED lighting fixture using the above-mentioned white OLED device will have comparable luminous efficiency to the currently commercially available fluorescent lamp fixture (light-emitting efficiency of about 60-80 lm/W) and LED lighting fixture (about 80 lm/W). Matsushita said that the research and development technology for the above-mentioned white OLED components will be presented at the International Information Display Society (SID), which will be held on May 21-24.

1 Hour Fireproof Safes

1 Hour Fireproof Safes are safes that can resist fire attack for 1 hour.


Special fireproof material stuffing which resist damage;

Seamless molding case;

Heavy duty style doors and hinges;

 Anti-drilling, anti-burglar and anti-force;

Yongfa patent: dual system protection;

Fire proof for 1 hour and it can ensure an inner temperature to be less than 177°C(350°F), while exposed to 927°C(1700°F) flames;

Strong hinges and door-bolts;

UL certification passed.

1 Hour Fireproof Safe

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