Perfect cloud service allows you to cope with the IoT era

The Internet of Things is the key direction for the breakthrough of independent innovation in information technology in the new generation, and it contains a huge space for innovation. According to relevant forecasts, the overall market size of China's Internet of Things will reach 750 billion yuan this year, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 30.0%. In the next few years, China's Internet of Things industry will continue to develop rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of around 30%. By 2018, The market size of the networking industry will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan.

It is not difficult to find that a key to the Internet of Things comes from sensor technology, which uses sensors to monitor temperature, light, pressure, sound, and motion changes to achieve specific applications. Of course, since there is "Internet", another key to the Internet of Things is the network. Most of the devices are equipped with WIFI wireless network cards, which can be connected to wireless routers to send and receive data using the Internet, even if you are in different places. Access them via mobile phones and mobile data networks. In this way, it seems that there will be many problems in the Internet of Things era, such as network security, device connectivity, cloud storage, etc. How do we deal with these problems?

Perfect cloud service allows you to cope with the IoT era

Ablecloud co-founder Chen Peng

At the Internet of Things Technology Forum of the 2nd China IOT Conference organized by Huaqiang Jufeng's electronic enthusiasts, Ablecloud co-founder Chen Peng said that opportunities and challenges coexist in the Internet of Things era, respectively, opportunities: Internet + Dongfeng, users Cognition is getting higher and higher, and industrial control/security needs are increasing. Challenges: Multi-category equipment needs to be intelligent, market changes are fast, product iteration is fast, time pressure is high, hardware vendors lack a strong Internet service development team, How to use massive data.

Provide complete cloud service support for multi-product support

In fact, IoT's technical challenges are mainly security risks, connection management, massive data management, high performance, scalability, big data analysis and so on. For some design problems, Ablecloud can provide a good cloud service, multi-category support, can achieve IoT common function set-up, cloud intelligent function fast implementation, data analysis is simple and flexible.

Perfect cloud service allows you to cope with the IoT era

Chen Peng pointed out that Ablecloud is the first intelligent networking hardware PaaS platform in China, helping manufacturers to quickly realize the intelligence of large-scale hardware and let professional people do more professional things. At the same time, it brings together the most cutting-edge talents and technologies of the Internet, dedicated to intelligent hardware, wearable devices, smart homes and the Internet of Things to provide the easiest, most reliable, safest and most efficient PaaS services.

Device & APP Connect Cloud to create one-stop service

A one-stop shop for connecting devices & apps to the cloud. Chen Peng said that Ablecloud is deployed in four levels: first, access layer, device access, message routing; second, service component layer, service registration, service function component; third, platform development layer, micro service architecture, UDS development The framework; the fourth is the basic resource layer, low coupling, easy to migrate.

Perfect cloud service allows you to cope with the IoT era

In connection management, Chen Peng proposed four points: first, distributed horizontal expansion; second, high performance adopts direct connection + cache low latency; third, through failover level service; fourth, feature rich, group management Bind to the device.

Perfect cloud service allows you to cope with the IoT era

The cloud service engine-demo, the smart light demonstrates the function and development logic of the UDS, receives the app control command, and controls the panel control behavior actively reported by the light receiving light, receives the control history of the APP query light and returns to the APP.

Perfect cloud service allows you to cope with the IoT era

At the same time, IoT big data cloud storage is efficient for reading and writing, based on LSM write optimization, provides cache read optimization, and adopts distributed architecture, supports tens of billions of data scale, and uses hybrid storage model, which can be well structured and unified. Data access layer DAL.

Finally, I talked about the hidden dangers of the current Internet of Things technology. Chen Peng said that because of the need to access the Internet, the device will be in an open environment, and it will inevitably suffer from hackers or cyber attacks. Similar examples of Samsung smart refrigerators sending large amounts of junk e-mail and hackers invading surveillance cameras have become commonplace, which has caused users to have some concerns about IoT devices.

Of course, technological advances and risks are coexisting, and IoT vendors are also preventing this from happening through more advanced algorithms, data encryption mechanisms, and software upgrades. All in all, the biggest attraction of the Internet of Things is that it creates an all-encompassing sense of “control” that allows users to control any device from anywhere, with great market potential.

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